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  • Apple Planning MVNO, Squashing Helio?

    , we know that if we type the word “iPhone” again, our heads will explode, but what we don’t know is Apple’s plan for carriers. Kevin from Digg said he had knowledge that it would work on all networks. Of course, he also mucked up which technology Sprint uses, so we don’t count that as canon. We mentioned briefly a couple months ago the idea that Apple might start… Read More

  • Gears of War Ad Pushing Units. Your Pick For Best Tech Ad Ever?

    A guy who works in the video game section of a Manhattan Best Buy recently told me that people were coming into the store en mass, asking for Gears of War because they “liked the commercial.” You know, the one with the mopey song from Donnie Darko in it. “People come in and they actually say: ‘I have no idea if it’s a good game, but I love the ad’ and walk… Read More

  • Call for Interns in NYC and SF

    Got some spare time on your hands? Want to work with the fastest growing tech blog on the web? Live in San Fran or New York? Want me to stop talking like this? Apply for an internship today! The job offers no monetary compensation, but you will get to learn the ropes of blogging (it’s like rocket science, seriously, you need our help as much as we’d appreciate yours). And… Read More

  • XNA Game Studio Express From Microsoft

    Just a quick heads up for all you C# developers out there. Microsoft’s new dev kit called XNA Game Studio Express now allows you to code out applications for both Windows and Xbox 360 at the same time. You just end up using two separate compilers for each platform to get the job done. Freelance game developers take note, this is a great way to have that Windows-based game… Read More

  • Analyst Sheds More Light On Rumored iPhone

    True or untrue, we love us some hot Apple gossip with a scoop of details on top. Rebecca Runkle over at Morgan-Stanley decided she’d throw out her two cents on Apple’s iPhone. According to Runkle, the phone will launch in the first-half of 2007, will have an impressive 3.5-inch LCD, and a hefty-ass price tag. Expect to pay $599 for a 4GB model and $649 for a 8GB model. Aside from… Read More

  • Skin Your New Shuffle

    I’m pretty sick of silver electronics, so I’m all in favor of these slick little covers from RhinoSkin for the 2G Shuffle. The iPod Shuffle Accents come in four colors—red, blue, green and pink—and are made from lightweight aluminum. The pack of four will only run you $19.99. RhinoSkin [company site] Read More

  • Holiday Buyer's Guide: Gaming Notebooks

    Trying to decide what is the right portable PC for your needs can be difficult. Laptops come in many shapes and sizes, and offer a range of features, but generally speaking gaming PCs tend to be beefy machines with the latest video cards, a load of memory and a large hard drive. But what if you want to a mobile—or maybe luggable—gaming experience? You need a gaming notebook. Here is… Read More

  • ezGear ezPlay Portable DVD Player With ezVision Is Very EZ

    A company like ezGear should lay off the EZ a bit but we’ll let it slide for now. Its new ezPlay Portable DVD Player is pretty decent looking. It’s shaped like an old-school Sony Discman and plays DVD, MP4, VCD, CD, and MP3 discs. What sets it apart from all other portable DVD players though is that you can hook it up to ezGear’s ezVision Video iWear system. The ezVision… Read More

  • Just Look at the Sony-Ericsson W880

    Sony-Ericsson is known for style, and the latest up-and-coming, much-rumored phone raises that bar even higher. The W880 is the product name for the phone formerly known as the Ai. SE had announced it would start making its handsets thinner while making them even more feature-packed than they already are, and this metal-cased device is a strong start. Read More

  • MusicJam Adds Recording to Karaoke Offering, Sales of Earplugs Set to Soar

    CrunchGear likes karaoke. For reals. Nothing gets our teamworkometer cranked up like seeing Raj on stage belting out Journey, except Brad Pitt’s abs in “Fight Club,” but that’s just Vince. But we must take issue with the MusicJam iPod karaoke machine. We’ve seen iPod karaoke before, but this desk-top unit also acts as a recorder, so that after you’re… Read More

  • The KRZR, The KRZR, The KRZR's On Fire!

    Ouch! I almost burned my hand typing up this post. You see, the KRZR is so hot, that Motorola just had to introduce a new color that could capture the heat. So behold the creatively titled KRZR Fire. This guy comes with a delicious red paint job that reminds me of a fire engine mixed with some holiday cheer. Not only is it bright red on the outside, but also the color drips into the cracks on… Read More

  • DLO Tackles 2G Shuffle

    DLO has announced the launch of two accessories for Apple’s crazy popular new Shuffle. The Power Bug AC Power Adapter and Dock Cable gives the ability to charge your Shuffle via AC power rather than through the USB port. It also provides an extra sync cable for syncing your Shuffle on the road. Read More

  • Linksys Jumps the Gun with 802.11n for USB

    Do you want pre-standardized 802.11n connectivity but don’t want to wait until it’s all officliazed? Linksys is here to help you, readers. If you’ve got a USB port, you can have 802.11n, with its uber-fast data rates and longer range. Looking like an old-skool radio microphone, the WUSB300N joins the list of “pre-N” devices on the market. And, like the others… Read More

  • LG UP3Flat A Shuffle Killer?

    Look out Apple. LG is looking to introduce a few low-capacity MP3 players into the market and not only do they look like a 1G Shuffle mixed with a Chocolate, they look better than the iPod Shuffle and most DAPs out there. LG’s UP3Flat MP3 player is going to come in sizes 512MB to 2GB and has an incredibly streamlined and sexy look with touch-sensitive buttons. All models will come with… Read More

  • EV-DO Rev. A Coming to Verizon Very Soon

    Verizon users jealous of the high-speed EV-DO Revision A power that Sprint has been handing down from on high can take heart; VZN has announced that it has already stealthily rolled out its Rev. A network in several American markets, and has plans to light it up soon. There have been rumors to this extent recently, but a spokesman just confirmed them as fact to GigaOM. Though none of the… Read More

  • SkyPartner SP101: Cordless Skype/PSTN DECT Phone

    If you have yet to take the Skype plunge because you don’t want to use your computer as a telephone or you’re anti-VoIP or you still like paying the phone company or whatever, the 3J Communications SkyPartner SP101 is here to give you the best of both worlds. The SkyPartner, like similar options on the market, is a full-featured cordless Skype phone that can also handle PSTN calls. Read More

  • IE Crash?

    Dear Readers: Are you getting an error in IE when you view CG? Email us at tips at crunchgear dot com. Also, why are you still using IE? Read More

  • The Wii Watch

    Can’t find a Wii this Christmas? Spend 200 GBP on a Wii watch! This classy, hastily-made steel sports watch has a quartz movement and definitely does none of the cool things a Wii can do including but not limited to: make fat kids pant, break TVs, and excite the young with boobies. It appears that is was made as a gift to European journos. Auction [eBay via WWR] Read More

  • The Futurist: The End of Name-Brand TVs or…. Why Your Next Set Will Be A Vizio

    While filling up on my five-hours-per-day tube habit, I spotted a commercial that utterly shocked me. This ad wasn’t particularly gory or raunchy — it was the advertiser that caught me off-guard. Vizio, one of those off-brand flat screen TV-makers whose native habitat is in the aisles of Sam’s Club and Costco, was actually advertising on TV. From everything I’ve seen… Read More

  • Hello Wii Video 9

    Wii Video 9 is a homebrew app for the Nintendo Wii that allows you to play videos on your console. The app converts video files like DivX and .avi into MPEGs, which you can then drop onto a SD Card, all you have to do after that is insert the card into your Wii, navigate to the content you want, and you’re ready to roll. You can download the app here, courtesy of Red Kawa. Watching videos… Read More