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  • iBag Turntable: Plus iPod, Minus Turntable

    At first glance the iBag Turntable looked very cool, but that reaction wore off as soon as I realized that it doesn’t really use vinyl. What you really have here is a backpack that you can connect your iPod to. With four AA batteries you can also play your iPod through the backpack’s speakers. The backpack includes a FM radio, and retails for $60. I have yet to hear (or see)… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Solar Flare Edition

    Read these exciting stories before our planet is engulfed by the sun: The Elite Cuisine Multi-Function 3-in-1 Breakfast Center
    USB Roll-Up Keyboard
    High Tech Karaoke
    GPS Could Be Disabled By Solar Flares In 2011
    Japanese Power Suit Makes You Super Human Read More

  • Creative Bumps Zen V Plus to 8GB

    , Apple rolled out a second generation of the iPod Nano, bringing the high-end of their tiny player up to 8GB. It was widely assumed Creative would do the same, and today it has announced an 8GB version of their Zen V Plus, their direct Nano competitor. The Zen series is a very popular alternative to the iPod here in America, and the OLED screen looks fantastic. It’ll be available next… Read More

  • The Elite Cuisine Multi-Function 3-in-1 Breakfast Center

    I’m a bachelor. I have been now for 30 years. As such, I’ve learned to use my kitchen to best afford me single portions. I don’t shop at Costco, I don’t need a gallon of mayonnaise. This is the price I pay. Also, my kitchen is, not by coincidence, small. As such, I need to conserve space. That’s why I can’t believe I’ve never seen this device… Read More

  • Cute Little USB DAB Tuner

    We don’t have much DAB here in the States. Thanks to our various satellite radio providers, iPods, cellphones and everything else giving us more music than we really need. Other continents have it though, so we’re showing off this neat USB DAB tuner. Plug it in, install the DAB software on your PC, and you’ve got your radio, wherever you go. You don’t even need that… Read More

  • Grab A Wii, From Reggie

    Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime, told ABC News today that he will be in New York on Nintendo Wii launch day and will hand out some of the first Wiis at a store. The store remains unnamed, but it’s rumored that he will be at Nintendo World Store in Rockefeller Center. Nintendo claims to feel more connected to its gamers than other console manufacturers, and this is a great… Read More

  • HP's Dunn Testifies to Congress, Pleads Ignorance

    We are totally glad we don’t work at HP. Not only is Dunn out the door, but yesterday and today, the embattled woman was forced forced to defend her company’s illegal actions to the House of Representatives Committee on Energy and Commerce. And they’re grilling her good. At the heart of the conflict are allegations of Pretexting, a sneaky, not to mention illegal, way of… Read More

  • USB Roll-Up Keyboard

    Here’s something that could be handy for on the go musicians. The USB roll-up keyboard features 49 keys, 128 instruments, 100 prerecorded rhythms. And you know, it also rolls up. There hasn’t been much use of the roll up keyboard. Some musicians are on the go all the time with Logic Pro 7 or Pro-Tools. Both those programs are heavily MIDI-based, and usually used by electronics… Read More

  • Intel Gets Jiggy with Nokia

    It was announced today that Intel has reached an agreement with Nokia to embed an HSDPA connectivity module on its Centrino Duo. Intel will handle all elements of production, from hardware implementation to software development. It’s an exciting time for mobility. Just five years ago, options like this were essentially science fiction and now we’re on the cusp of a legitimately… Read More

  • Amazon Outs Zune's Accessories. A/V Outs, That Is.

    . Nothing fancy, but it’ll get you started. If you really want to use your Zune like a pro, you’ll need some add-ons, and Amazon is, of course, more than happy to sell them to you. They’re already featuring preorder pricing on a wide range of accessories, from wireless remotes (via WiFi?) to travel packs, and our first look at the round Zune Dock. A couple of secrets new… Read More

  • High Tech Karaoke

    IBM and Xing announced today that they have come together to release a new high tech karaoke controller that will allow users to take karaoke with them throughout Japanese restaurants and karaoke bars. The Kyoku NAVIs features a touch screen interface, allows users to search for songs in a simplified fashion and has wireless LAN for updates and streaming videos. The controller is also… Read More

  • JVC Prepping New 1080i HDD Camcorder

    JVC is giving us a new HD camcorder on October 3, part of their Everio series. You’ll forgive our lack of details, but there aren’t many, and those we do have are in Japanese. We do know that this compact little shooter can capture all the action of that brawl on the sidelines of your son’s soccer game in 1080i, and can be fitted with the new FUJINON 10x optical zoom lens… Read More

  • Mobile Versions of Skype Delayed Due to Technical Hurdles

    According to Skype’s CEO, mobile versions of Skype for operating systems like Symbian, among others, are being delayed thanks to technical challenges. “When we begun developing the mobile phone version we didn’t realize the number of technical obstacles. It is challenging and is taking much longer than expected,” he added in an interview with the daily. The Windows… Read More

  • Cingular 3125 Launch Party Video

    Looks like Gizmodo got more footage of another raucous party held in honor of a small piece of plastic and some wires. Boom-shaka-laka-ActivSync! Look for friend of CG, Vince, cursing his Vienna sausage at the end. HTC 3125 Launch Party in New York: Enjoy the Decadence [Gizmodo] Read More

  • Nokia E62 Now Shipping from Cingular

    We were wondering when Cingular would step into the mid-range not-a-BlackBerry QWERTY battle royale, and that day is today. The Nokia E62 is now available on the Cingular site for $149.99 with a 2-year contract. This slim smartphone was actually introduced several days ago, but is now shipping, which is nice for those of you who actually want a physical phone. The BlackBerry-esque E62 totes a… Read More

  • So You Think Your IBM Will Explode…

    Head on over to Lenovo’s handy idenfication page to figure out if your shiz is going to fizzle all over your pants or not. IBM and Lenovo sold these Sony batteries in systems listed below between February 2005 and September 2006. Customers who bought one of the following systems may have a battery subject to this recall: * ThinkPad R Series (R51e, R52, R60, R60e)
    * ThinkPad T… Read More

  • Philips Rumbling Gaming Headphones

    This pair of headphones from Philips goes around your neck like a neck cushion (as seen in The Office last night) and have a pair of earbuds that go into your ear. When an appropriate sound effect is fired, the neck “brace” rumbles around and lets you feel the action. The Philips Sonic Vibes do look somewhat weird, and hopefully they designed it well enough not to give you… Read More

  • Creative MuVo 100

    Creative has introduced the MuVo 100, a subtle upgrade to the V200. Don’t let the smaller number fool you though, the new addition packs some welcome upgrades. Not only is the V100 smaller than the previous version, it also promises an 18 hour batter life and capacities up to 2GB. It also has a full USB port on the unit. The MuVo V100 is currently only available in Asia, but I… Read More

  • Meet-up Update

    Sorry for posting so much on the Meet-up but we’re trying to figure out the best way to gather invites and let our venue know how many are coming. If you’re in New York on October 13 and want to get free stuff and free booze—and don’t want to dig around the Grand Central Station trash cans to get it—head over to our Mollyguard site which lets you buy… Read More

  • Parrot MINIKIT Friday Giveaway

    , a hands-free Bluetooth in-car or desktop speaker set. The MINIKIT has stereo speakers, voice recognition, and is about as big as a pack of cards, which means you can hop in the car and put your phone down on the seat instead of putting on a dumb headset like King Pompadour of the Bluetooth Tribe. We’ll accept emails until Monday morning at 9am EST, so get cracking. Read More