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  • Gravity Defyer Shoes Don't Actually Defy Gravity

    Man, I got all excited when I read the headline for this video, but it’s just a buncha people amazed at how much better their feet feel after changing their shoes at CES. The shoes don’t actually defy gravity and I have to imagine that there’s an astronaut or two that would disagree with their weightless claims. Nonetheless, these people seem “genuinely” thrilled… Read More

  • Nimbuzz Takes VoiP, IM Voice to Mobiles

    I know someone who’s running a flavor of Skype on his Treo, talking to friends and family without using minutes that eat away at his plan. It’s a great idea, if your phone supports it. For the rest of you, have a look at Nimbuzz. Nimbuzz is a Java-based program you load to your handset that allows you to initiate instant message conversations with others via Windows Live… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Runaway Chair Edition

    Track Vac: Checkered Flags, Clean Floors
    RFID Tattoos Leave No Place To Hide
    What We Missed at CES: Sanyo Stuff
    Nike: Bye, iPod! Hi, Wristwatch!
    CES 2007: Dear Diary‚ĶiRiver’s CLIX2, Shuttle’s X200, Antec’s Cases And Mini Hamburgers Read More

  • LG Super Multi Blue HD Player Already on Shelves?!

    LG’s Super Multi Blue HD Player was considered by many to be the best of CES. It is massively notable due to its ability to play both HD DVD and Blu-ray formats. A potential end to the format war, it gives studios the choice to get behind whichever format they prefer and it gives consumers the ability to get movies that they like, rather than ones on a particular medium. I’m… Read More

  • What We Missed at CES: Sanyo Stuff

    Due to some terrible scheduling oversight, as we stalked around CES, we somehow missed Sanyo. Through our neglect, we managed to miss Sanyo showing off two products that couldn’t be more different from one another: the Sprint Power Vision M1 and the Zero-Gravity Massage Chair. While I certainly saw my share of phones at CES, I definitely could have used a go on the chair (although… Read More

  • Sony Drops Four Entry-Level Cyber-shots

    Users of Sony digital cameras fall into one of two camps: lovers and haters. Sure, they wield Carl Zeiss optics and have high-end engineering, but they also rely on Sony’s proprietary Memory Sticks (for now, anyway). If you are one of the believers, check out the foursome of low and mid-range shooters Sony will be shipping next month. With price points of $150 to $200, these… Read More

  • Vonage V-Access: Cheap Calls

    Vonage is offering a new “service” called V-Access. Designed to save you and your family/friends money on long distance, you can dial Vonage numbers through a local access number. It works like this: 1. Call local access number so it’s toll free from wherever you are. 2. Dial the Vonage number you want to call. 3. You get to talk for the cost of a local call (which is… Read More

  • CES 2007: Dear Diary…Samsung's Mobiles, Kodak's Colors And A Wireless Router That Launches Missiles

    Hooray for Tuesday! It’s now the morning of January 9 and I’m headed to a 9 a.m. meeting with Samsung Mobile, but my cab takes the Strip to get to the LVCC making me late. (In case you missed the previous entries, here are Jan. 7 and Jan. 8, parts one and two.) Despite the continued accolades heaped upon Samsung’s phones by others, I’ve always been
    a bit sour on them. Read More

  • Beatles Still Coming to iTunes

    I wrote about the Beatles’ potential jaunt into iTunes. Yea the same one were I slighted the Pogue for his Zune-slander. According to Macworld, the Beatles on iTunes is close to fruition. The rumor is compounded by the fact that Steve Jobs chose to play a Beatles track during his iPhone announcement. Macworld speculates that the Beatles could appear on the Online music store by Feb. 14. Read More

  • Netflix Downloads: Om Chimes In

    streaming shenanigans with some pretty intriguing insights. It seems we may have jumped the gun a bit in our immediate praise of the service. Aside from the equating it to the rabble of players who tried to getting into the music downloading arena, he’s got a nice little list of what Netflix downloads is and isn’t. Namely it isn’t a downloading service because it just streams… Read More

  • Nike: Bye, iPod! Hi, Wristwatch!

    a while back, we all sort of went, “Well, that’s technically cool, I think.” We’re still debating. Nike, however, is poised to make up its own mind. The shoe guys are dumping the iPod in favor of a gadget watch of its own design, using the same wireless technology to display the data on your writs rather than your DAP. We’re not sure if this is a finalized… Read More

  • Track Vac: Checkered Flags, Clean Floors

    My friend Ben tells a great story about going to see Talladega Nights when the film first opened in theaters. A few rows ahead of him was a family of five, and you could tell they were very into NASCAR. Unfortunately, they didn’t seem to understand that the movie was a comedy, a joke and send-up on NASCAR culture. About 20 minutes into the film, the family walked out, presumably demanding… Read More

  • IE 7 Reaches 100 Million Downloads, Firefox Still On the March

    According to the IE group and WebSideStory, IE 7 has had 100 million downloads. It sounds like a milestone, but the problem is, these downloads were mainly conversions from older versions of Internet Explorer. As of Dec. 2006, IE accounted for 79.6% of all browsers, which is a notable decline from the 80.6% it held in Nov. This is in stark contrast to Firefox which gained from 13.5% to 14%… Read More

  • New BlackBerries from Cingular/AT&T/Whatever-it-is-this-week

    AT&T. Next month, look for the launch of a sexy model called the 8800. Looking very much like the older, fatter brother of the Pearl, the 8800 is a full-QWERTY enabled BB of un-astounding features. More or less an upgrade to the existing 8700 series Cingular currently offers, the 8800 adds the popular/troublesome trackball of the Pearl, meaning this might be standard feature on all… Read More

  • Need Your Wii Fix? Hit Up Best Buy On Sunday

    According to a tipster over at Kotaku, Best Buy stores will have shipments of Wiis available for Sunday’s weekly sale. Expect no less than 15 per store and up to 45 units at some locations. If you’ve really, really been wanting to play Wii Sports or the two other fun games out there for the system, then I guess this is your big chance to snag one. Don’t be surprised though if… Read More

  • RFID Tattoos Leave No Place To Hide

    Think those barcode tattoos we used to see in the movies were just a fantasy? Think again, Somark Innovations has tested a special ink that changes pattern with each injection of the needle. A proprietary device that operates at a high frequency has been able to pick up the distinguishing tattoos on cows, mice and rats from as far as a meter away. It looks like Somark’s next step… Read More

  • SpinVox Spins to the States

    to note that SpinVox is now launching within our borders. He’s been using the service since December and seems to be mighty pleased with it. Whenever you receive a voicemail, SpinVox converts the message to text and sends it to your phone via SMS. That way you can get the message in a timelly, but unobtrusive, fashion. Although it is currently negotiating carriers, you can test the… Read More

  • From the Vaults of Ridiculous: TrekStor i.Beat Organix Gold

    Do you own an MP3 player that doesn’t bling (is that a verb?) enough for you? Do you feel the need to cover all of your possessions in gold and jewels? Do you have $20,000 lying around and have absolutely no use for it? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then let me direct your attention to the TrekStor i.Beat Organix Gold. Sure it’s just a mediocre 1GB player, but… Read More

  • iPhone Uses 1.5:1 Aspect Ratio

    Looks like Apple has some ‘splaining to do. Seems the iPhone isn’t going to be a conformist anytime soon. Apple is using a proprietary 1.5:1 aspect ratio for video playback as opposed to the normal 16:9 widescreen mode. Why would Apple do this when even their own AppleTV uses 16:9? Movies aren’t going to look horrible or anything like that, but those hoping for a… Read More

  • Blu-Ray Cracked [??]

    encryption system. I’m calling bull on this one. I suspect someone will deAACS Blu-Ray with a standalone drive and a PC, just like they did with HD-DVD, but what do I know? This just in: Possible Blu-ray title/volume key exploit found on PS3 [HDTVBlogger via PS3Scene via Gizmodo] Read More