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  • Lexar Shipping Jumpdrive Mercury

    Back in Nov. Josh conducted a glowing review of Lexar’s new Jumpdrive Mercury. The company announced today that the drive is now shipping. The Mercury offers a bevy of features, including an exterior capacity gauge. It also has a nice software set that allows you to encrypt and shred files amongst other features. It’s available now in 1GB and 2GB capacities for $70 and $110… Read More

  • RIM+MusicGremlin: Ehh? It's Possible?

    and were impressed, but it seems to have disappeared and might just have been eaten by RIM. The rumor, in its entirety, reads: I heard from a **highly credible** authority that RIM will be buying MusicGremlin… so look for a Blackberry-WiFi enabled music player mashup coming soon. So do what you feel with that, people. Read More

  • Conan Whips Serena In Wii Tennis

    Hahahaha, Conan beats newly crowned Australian Open Champion Serena Williams in a game of Wii Tennis. I’d have beaten her except I suffered an injury last night playing Wii myself. Read More

  • V Moda Updates Vibe Earbuds For V-Day

    Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and V Moda has taken notice with an update to their Vibe line of earbuds in red and mocha(wtf). If your lady friend has herself a red Nano then these will be the perfect match. If she has a poopy brown Zune then I suppose the mocha one’s will be a great gift if you like rubbing in the fact that she has a poopy brown Zune. Available from… Read More

  • LG And Moto Barf Up V-Day Phones

    It definitely is that time of the year…again. LG and Motorola have both decided to update the Chocolate and KRZR for V-Day. The LG Strawberry Chocolate and Motorola KRZR Fire will hit Verizon shelves February 4th. Nothing new under the hood except these delightful yet barf inducing colors. V-Day Surprise From Verizon [New Launches] Read More

  • The Windows Vista And Mac OS X Leopard Upgrade Chart

    The above chart clearly shows that upgrading OS X will be as easy tripping over your own feet. As for Vista, it’s more like trying to get a pro-PS3 article submitted to Digg. Maybe Microsoft should take a hint from Apple and stop releasing about 60 million versions of its next OS. Vista Mac Upgrade [MacHouse] Read More

  • DIY Aqua Teen LED T-Shirt

    Nothing like saying “F$*%$%* You” to the man. Nice work Craig. Homemade LED shirt [MAKE] Read More

  • Another Limited Edition Sidekick3: Dwayne Wade Edition

    Umm hi Danger, keep updating the Sidekick3 with the crappiest Limited Edition designs ever. Dwayne Wade from the Miami Heat has designed his very own LE SK3 in white and gold. I suppose the only cool thing about this is the backing has a basketball like grip. LE SK3 [Hiptop3] Read More

  • The AudioFile: Windows Vista In Your Ear

    Windows Vista Intimate Edition fits in many orifices. Amid the Windows Vista hooplah this week, I wondered whether it will make a difference to my ears—I mean, besides having to hear Robert Fripp every time I start my Windows box. The new audio capabilities that are included in Microsoft’s latest OS highlight MS’s push even further into your living room, and from what… Read More

  • Power Up! The Focal Powerbug For Your iPod Shuffle

    Once in awhile, some seemingly simple iPod accessory comes along that is a must have. With the release of the 2G iPod Shuffle in multiple colors, the Focal Powerbug is the perfect compliment to these colorful critters. You just plug in the Powerbug, let it charge, then shove the included USB cable into the Powerbug and your Shuffle, and you’re good to go. It even has a little green light… Read More

  • Sony-Ericsson W880i: Halloween Edition

    We’ve heard so much about the Sony-Ericsson W880i over the past week that we’re starting to think it might jump out of the shadows and pounce at any moment. Either way, here’s another prototype version in black and orange. It’ll still have the same 2MP camera, USB 2.0, Bluetooth 2.0, HSDPA, and other great features that the original W880i we saw comes with. Hit the… Read More

  • Breastmilk: The Other White Milk

    I rarely get caught up in quixotic Internet causes, but this is too good to pass up. It includes three things close to my heart: breasts and the milk therein, big pork, and, for some additional gadget-tasticness, you could add in some robot breast pumps or something. Plus this poor lady is from Columbus, my home town, so rock and roll. ANYWAY, she is a lactivist. Fair enough. Our son was… Read More

  • Wii OS Video Hits The Net

    Of course when anything related to the Nintendo Wii comes out, it’s always good in the eyes of rabid fanboys. So this pseudo-fake “Wii OS” shouldn’t be overlooked at all. In a six-minute-long video, a gentleman who sounds about 13 years old goes on to show us his amazing GUI which resembles that of the Wii. He also shows off an included music player he added and how his… Read More

  • Hot Swappable iPods Coming?

    It’s Friday so that can only mean two things: Another Apple rumor is upon us and I’ve been drinking too much whiskey to make John look prettier. This time around, a recent patent filing indicates Apple has filed for a “hot unpluggable media storage device.” The patent then goes on to propose ideas for quickly unmounting a device without having to do so through… Read More

  • Free Movies From AOL

    AOL is really trying to push its new video service, blandly dubbed “AOL Video,” to the masses. If you mosey on over to this URL, there’s complete instructions and information on beta testing and getting a free movie. You best hurry though, as the offer expires…today! Welcome to the AOL Video Movie Download Beta Test! [AOL] Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Perfectly Understandable Panic Edition

    The Origami Remote Control
    Boston Thinks Circuit Boards = Bombs
    ATHF Is the Bomb!
    Sony Gachapin(??) SE MP3 Player
    Source: Microsoft Zune Phone In the Works Read More

  • 4000

    CrunchGear has been running for just under seven months. In that time we’ve seen a lot of cool stuff and we’ve grown at a rate that never ceases to amaze us. Every once in awhile I like to step back and admire the work we’ve done. Now is one of those occasions. Just when I was preparing to wrap up for the night I noticed that we were right on the cusp of a milestone. This… Read More

  • Sonic Chair

    This retro-lookin’ chair is pretty awesome. The Sonic Chair features standard input jacks to deliver sweet sounds to its integrated speakers. So you could hookup your iPod or Xbox and have speakers hovering directly above your head. It also features two-way acoustic insulation that can block sounds from coming in and going out. The Sonic Chair (I keep wanting to type Sonic Care)… Read More

  • Nike Hatphones

    This Nike skullcap is designed to do more than just keep your cranium covered and toasty. In addition to storing your iPod Nano is a small mesh pouch, the Hatphones cap has headphones integrated within. I’m a big fan of not having wires bounce around when I run or cycle, but I wonder how comfortable it’d be having my Nano stuck to my head. Unless Nike has figured out some really… Read More

  • TV One-task HDMI Splitter

    If you find yourself in a situation that warrants splitting an HDMI signal to two or more sources, TV One-task hopes to make your task a little bit easer. Available with two, four and eight outputs, the splitters are ATC tested and certified as HDMI and HDCP compliant.The splitters are said to maintain signal strength and can achieve 480p, 720p, 1080i, and 1080p definitions. The suggested… Read More