Cyan Banister

Cyan Banister
Cyan is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of [Zivity](, a prolific angel investor with her husband Scott Banister (Tagged, SpaceX, Uber and others (See [AngelList]( for full list), board member, advisor and also a contributing writer for TechCrunch and Women2.0. Cyan co-founded the controversial website, which is a subscription based social networking site for creators and fans of beautiful and tasteful glamour photography. She currently serves on the board of directors for Mimoco, best known for their MIMOBOT line of designer USB storage devices. Cyan has held many leadership roles throughout her career, from leading technical operations teams in an enterprise software company to helping women master technology as CTO of a nonprofit organization. As a side note, Cyan donates money every year to the world juggling federation, women's division. CrunchBase profile →

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  • Penn Jillette Turns To FundAnything To Become A Bad Guy

    Penn Jillette of Penn & Teller fame is about as nice as they come. And he’s super sick of it. So he wrote a movie called “Director’s Cut” in which he will no longer be the hero. His role is so bad, in fact, that he decided not to pitch the script to Hollywood execs, because he’s pretty certain they wouldn’t buy it. While he funded his last two… Read More

  • Despite Flaws, Ashton As Jobs Is Worth Seeing

    Despite Flaws, Ashton As Jobs Is Worth Seeing

    When Ashton Kutcher was first tapped to play Steve Jobs in the movie Jobs, which opened in theaters today, I was nervous. Mostly for Ashton. In addition to being a friend, I’m also Ashton’s fan, and celebrate his entire oeuvre. But most of his roles thus far have been lighthearted (Dude Where’s My Car? for one). Portraying Steve Jobs is his most ambitious career move yet and… Read More

  • Speaking Of... Weev Wins an Honorary Crunchie Award

    You May Take Away My Freedom, But I’ll Always Have My Crunchie!

    On June 14th, 2010, Michael Arrington awarded a Crunchie to two members of Goatse Security via a blog post for discovering, publishing and trying to fix a pretty egregious security flaw that they discovered on AT&T’s public website. Before going to jail, Andrew Auernheimer’s (aka “weev”) bucket list of what he wanted was the Crunchie that TechCrunch awarded to him. Read More

  • The Gift Of Online Privacy

    The Gift Of Online Privacy

    Every month I see several birth announcements on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. I know exactly what moment the baby was born, what they looked like in sonogram photos, what their first food was, their favorite animal, who their siblings are, where they traveled on vacation, etc. I’ve enjoyed these moments, but in the back of my mind, I find myself feeling sad for children who are… Read More

  • Mike Maples Gets On Board Blueseed’s Sea Platform

    Mike Maples Gets On Board Blueseed’s Sea Platform

    I’m going to go out on a limb here, but my guess is if you went around and asked people in the startup community what they thought about Mike Maples at Floodgate, they would describe him as a sensible and successful entrepreneur turned investor and someone you’d most likely be thrilled to have on your team. In my personal opinion as an investor, I think he makes some pretty… Read More

  • Creators of Launch Let’s Date

    Creators of Launch Let’s Date

    There are a lot of dating application and website choices out there, but lets face it, some of them are kind of creepy. I’m not dating, but I have a lot of friends and loved ones that are and I watch the agonizing process on the sidelines. Can these apps track your location? Which profiles are real? Is the person a total whack job psycho killer? Will we have anything in common? Will we… Read More

  • Finding Inspiration In The Aurora Tragedy, By Helping Victims Through HopeMob

    Finding Inspiration In The Aurora Tragedy, By Helping Victims Through HopeMob

    I’ve gone through various stages of “connectedness” in my life. We all have. Some of you are so young that you’ve never known anything else and some of you remember the days when you only knew the local news and big events like going to the moon. Today, we no longer have to rely on travelers spreading information like a game of telephone through roadside diners along… Read More

  • 75th Anniversary of the San Francisco Mint

    Profitable San Francisco Financial Company Launches New Form Of Payment [TCTV]

    San Francisco has had an awesome few weeks of 75th anniversary celebrations. The Golden Gate bridge celebration was pretty obvious, as there was a lot of fanfare with fireworks etc., but another celebration went on rather quietly and TechCrunch was fortunate enough to be part of it. The 75th anniversary of the Herman Street US San Francisco Mint. One of the most mysterious buildings in San… Read More

  • What’s Big, Blue, Hopes To Save Our Planet And Is Not Facebook?

    What’s Big, Blue, Hopes To Save Our Planet And Is Not Facebook?

    There have been a lot of complaints voiced over the last couple of years from people who wish entrepreneurs would address the world’s “real problems” or do “something bigger” rather than create “me too” applications and websites. I’m not a fan of that sentiment but that’s really a whole other post I need to write. In all honesty… Read More

  • Jesse Draper of Valley Girl

    Speaking Of… Pink with Jesse Draper (TCTV)

    This week’s guest on Speaking Of is no stranger to the world of television. She’s Jesse Draper, creator and host of online talk show, “The Valley Girl Show.” The show profiles entrepreneurs and businesspeople, but in a format not often seen in Silicon Valley: on a pink-themed set, Draper draws her guests out of their shells in fun, light-hearted interviews that focus… Read More

  • The Real Pirates Of Silicon Valley?

    The Real Pirates Of Silicon Valley?

    ArcticStartup recently broke the news about an ambitious seasteading endeavor called Blueseed started by Silicon Valley founders Max Marty and Dario Mutabdzija. The post came shortly after Max pitched the idea (embedded below) at JumpStartDays on October 17th, in which he received a huge round of applause. Seasteading isn’t a new idea. Other than pirates, one of the first well known… Read More

  • Time to rethink every website in the world

    Time to rethink every website in the world

    I tried out Kindle Cloud Reader and holy shit, I feel like Mosaic was just invented and now we have tags. (Do some of our readers even know what Mosaic is these days? Well, it was really cool at the time. Revolutionary even.) Or rather, that someone finally figured out how to use the image tag. HTML 5 has been out for some time, but everyone else seems to have been asleep at the wheel. Read More

  • Oren Jacob, CTO of Pixar, joins August Capital as EIR

    Oren Jacob, CTO of Pixar, joins August Capital as EIR

    August Capital recently announced that Oren Jacob, CTO of Pixar has joined as their newest entrepreneur in residence. After a few weeks on the job, I got a chance to interview Oren and ask him how his new gig was going. In short, he has new-found respect for venture capitalists and button down shirts. Oren had no idea how many meetings back to back were in store for him and how hard it can be… Read More

  • Adult Toys With Ethan Imboden

    Speaking of… sex toys with Ethan Imboden from Jimmyjane [TCTV]

    Vibrating sex toys have been around for over a century, starting out as crude steam powered devices and now resembling something very cool that you might pick up at an Apple store. Sex toys have been the source of giggles, controversy, pleasure and up until the last 5 years, were not a mainstream product. They were devices you bought and had shipped in unmarked brown packaging or slipped into… Read More

  • Social Venues Save the Roxy Theater

    Speaking of… Social Venues with Nic Adler of The Roxy [TCTV]

    We read a lot of news about amazing companies when they receive financing, have a change in leadership or launch new products, but we rarely get a glimpse into the companies and people that use those products and tools in incredibly meaningful ways. This week’s Speaking Of… is with Roxy owner Nic Alder, son of Lou Adler who’s famous for producing bands/acts such as Cheech… Read More

  • Cindy Morgan Talks Tron: Legacy

    Speaking of… Cindy Morgan, from Original TRON [TCTV]

    My special guest on this week’s Speaking Of is actress Cindy Morgan. Cindy is known in the film world for two iconic roles: as Lacey Underall in Caddyshack and as Lora/Yori in the original TRON. I didn’t mention this in my original overview of TRON Legacy, because I didn’t want to spoil much of the movie for everyone, but I was very saddened by the fact that two of my… Read More

  • Reason TV Medium and Use

    Speaking of… Using Your Medium with Reason’s Nick Gillespie (TCTV)

    It is 25 degrees here in NY and I feel like a wuss. We California people aren’t cut out for the weather out here. I’ve got thermal underwear (top & bottom), another shirt on top, pants, sweater, jacket, long coat, gloves and a hat on. So, the next time I bitch about it being 50 degrees and windy in San Francisco, I need to remind myself to STFU. These people endure some… Read More

  • Tron Featurette

    TRON: Legacy movie review (TCTV)

    Part of the TRON press event included an advance screening of TRON: Legacy. We’ve been under embargo not to review the movie, but someone broke the embargo, so we are no longer going to keep it secret. If you do not like movie spoilers, do not click to read more and do not read on, because I’m going to tell you what I think about the movie and I’m going to include some… Read More

  • Jeff Bridges on Tron Motion Capture

    Speaking Of… Jeff Bridges & Olivia Wilde in TRON Legacy, Part 3 & 4 (TCTV)

    Greetings programs! I have the ultimate TRON interview for you: Jeff Bridges. I had 3 minutes with Bridges, so I asked him this question from TechCrunch fan “itbedave”: I’m curious as to what Jeff Bridges thinks of blue screen acting then (original TRON) vs. now (TRON Legacy) – and if it’s “advancement” has enhanced or ruined acting in big… Read More

  • Steven Lisberger on Tron Fan Reaction

    Speaking Of… TRON: Legacy – Interviews with Cast & Crew, Part 1 & 2 (TCTV)

    Ok TRON fans, have I got a treat for you! I just returned from a two day TRON press event with some awesome interviews from the creators, cast and crew of TRON: Legacy and the original TRON. I asked many of the questions I solicited from TechCrunch commenters  and everyone seemed to love them — especially Jeff Bridges. I mean, maybe they say this to everyone, but his handlers said they… Read More