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New iTunes updates might bring unlimited music subscriptions?

[photopress:itunes8.png,full,center] It’s odd. Steve Jobs has said “no” to the idea of iTunes music subscriptions time and time again, but the rumors never die. Now the Financial Tim

Microsoft to offer DRM-free music this November

Microsoft is planning a revamp of the Zune Marketplace this November which will include about a million DRM-free music tracks out of it’s 3-million track catalogue. That’s a good sign beca

Zune Social: Discover what music your friends like, then buy buy buy

I’m probably in the crowd Let’s chat about the Zune Social, Microsoft’s music-centric social networking (Isn’t “social networking” redundant? When are you “an

Microsoft Ignition Revs Up Tomorrow

Score one for Microsoft. Wait, did I just say that? Yes, I did. Why? Well, Microsoft will officially launch Ignition tomorrow and I may have to troll around for a Zune now. I can’t believe I&#82

Zune Marketplace Songs Work on PlaysForSure Devices (??)

Warning: CrunchGear is not responsible for musical tastes. There’s a bit of excitement over at Zunerama as one reader has discovered that Zune Marketplace songs are now working on a Creative Zen