Zune Marketplace Songs Work on PlaysForSure Devices (??)

Warning: CrunchGear is not responsible for musical tastes.

There’s a bit of excitement over at Zunerama as one reader has discovered that Zune Marketplace songs are now working on a Creative Zen, which means Zune DRM isn’t so special after all.

Apparently someone’s 13-year-old daughter started dragging Zune Pass songs from her Zune to her Zen. The Zen sucked up the music without complaint but the forum is convinced that her joy will be short-lived once Zune’s DRM servers figure out what’s up. I, for one, seriously doubt anything will happen as long as she keeps paying her bill. It’s not in Microsoft’s best interest to officially allow Zune/PlaysForSure compatibility, but if this is an error or purposeful “bug” then I suspect it won’t change any time soon. The Zune is hurting and any boost in goodwill they can get is a positive thing.

Zune Pass songs can be loaded onto other players – e.g. Creative Zen [Zunerama]