PayPerPost Suspends Zookoda, Deadpool Looking Likely

IZEA (PayPerPost) have suspended Zookoda, the blog to email service they acquired in April. According to CEO Ted Murphy, the service has been suspended due to “elevated levels of abuse on Zookod

PayPerPost Acquires Zookoda

Controversial startup PayPerPost will announce the acquisition of Zookoda, an Australian blog-to-email service, tomorrow. We wrote about Zookoda last year, and the company put the product up for sale

Exclusive – Zookoda Goes Up For Auction

While some companies have the ability to hire investment banks to help them sell themselves (see Grouper and Napster for recent examples), eBay is proving to the be liquidity path of last resort for m

Zookoda 2.0 Launches

Version 2.0 of Australia-based Zookoda, an email tool for bloggers, launches today. Zookoda allows bloggers to, among other things, email posts to readers on a periodic basis. It competes with Feedbur