PayPerPost Suspends Zookoda, Deadpool Looking Likely

IZEA (PayPerPost) have suspended Zookoda, the blog to email service they acquired in April.

According to CEO Ted Murphy, the service has been suspended due to “elevated levels of abuse on” and goes on to explain that the service is being used by spammers. For those that think that PayPerPost pollutes the blogosphere with spam content, the following from Murphy is rich with irony:

We hate spam. Honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone that really enjoys spam. Some people hate spam even more than we hate spam and those people complained to our network hosting service. Our network hosting service REALLY hate spam….We’re not spammers, we don’t support spammers and we do support everybody’s freedom of choice when it comes to opting in and out email lists.

Murphy suggests that the service will return in January, but we’re putting it on deadpool watch; Zookoda has been failing for months. Most Searched reports that the service started deteriorating when IZEA took over and had gotten to the stage where it simply stopped sending out email distributions in early December. Erno H on LinkedIn reports similar problems. An email distribution service that doesn’t provide email distribution is a business with nothing going for it.