Zookoda 2.0 Launches

Version 2.0 of Australia-based Zookoda, an email tool for bloggers, launches today. Zookoda allows bloggers to, among other things, email posts to readers on a periodic basis. It competes with Feedburner’s new email product, and while it doesn’t have the benefit of Feedburner’s massive customer base, it does offer a very robust feature set that will be attractive to many bloggers.

Founders Yorke Hinds and Nick McNaughton walked me through the new product a couple of weeks ago. Like Feedburner, the product is currently free. And while Feedburner offers only a single option for email (once a day, no ability to tweak the look and feel of the email), Zookoda offers the blogger the ability to tailor nearly every aspect of the product.

For example, Zookada offers template customization and scheduled daily and weekly and/or monthly recurring emails. Zookoda also offers very deep reporting features to see what’s being read, clicked on, etc.

If you are a blogger looking for a solution, either of Zookoda or Feedburner will work. I like Feedburner because, frankly, I don’t want to spend a lot of time formatting templates and going through detailed reports: Feedburner’s one-size-fits-all approach is perfect for TechCrunch, and I like the fact that all of my RSS and email subscription statistics are managed in one dashboard. For bloggers looking for a more robust, customizable solution, or who want more detailed reporting, Zookoda is a very user friendly product that will work extremely well.

It’s important that bloggers offer an email option for readers – some people like to receive content this way. Whether its Zookoda, Feedburner or another solution, consider offering this.