• Cyan Banister has a new startup, and it’s looking for seed funding

    Cyan Banister has a new startup, and it’s looking for seed funding

    Cyan Banister realized long ago that Zivity, a subscription-based online community of artistic nude, glamour and pin-up photography that she founded in 2007, was never going to be a highly profitable endeavor. That’s okay with her, too. Read More

  • PayPal Restores Zivity’s Account After Saying It Was Obscene, But Now It’s Not

    PayPal Restores Zivity’s Account After Saying It Was Obscene, But Now It’s Not

    PayPal restored sexy social network Zivity’s account tonight after a weeklong battle over whether the website violates its policy. Zivity bills itself as “Hotness. In Person” where “76,102 people just like you rub elbows with models, photographers, and video artists.” But early Thanksgiving morning, PayPal decided it didn’t want to rub elbows with… Read More

  • Zivity Lands A Tantalizing Deal With Playboy For More Exposure

    Zivity Lands A Tantalizing Deal With Playboy For More Exposure

    Zivity is a great site for women and photographers who aren’t afraid to get a little racy to express themselves and potentially be discovered. That said, they obviously don’t have the reach of something like Playboy. But thanks to a new partnership between the two, interested women can potentially get the best of both worlds. Playboy will host a series of contests on Zivity… Read More

  • Zivity Adds Dudes. Let Me Know How It Goes (#zividude)

    Venture backed adult site Zivity finally figured out that there’s a whole other market out there beyond guys (and a few women) who want to look at naked women. Lots of women (and a few men) apparently want to look at naked guys, too. So in a lightning bolt of marketing genius, they doubled their potential market size in a single blog post: Zividudes. They’re taking nominations for… Read More

  • Zivity Splits Employees, Execs, Venture Funding Into Two Companies

    In a highly unusual transaction, Zivity, a venture funded adult content startup, has spun off the majority of its assets, employees and venture funding into a new company called Top Fans. Zivity first launched at TechCrunch40 in 2007 and has raised a total of $8 million in venture capital. Cofounder Cyan Banister takes the CEO spot at Zivity, which will continue to publish adult content. She… Read More

  • TopFans.com Adds Another Way To Worship Celebrities Online

    Pop culture’s obsession with celebrities is evolving along with technology. Ashton Kutcher reached 1 million Twitter followers and Oprah is now part of the Twitterati. And there is never enough news or information about celebrities to satiate the thirst of fans; they want more and more insight into celebrities’ lives, especially online. The startup that created Zivity, the… Read More

  • Adult Startup Zivity Cuts 1/3 Of Staff

    Zivity, the adult social network and media site that describes itself as a “community-powered showcase of female beauty”, has laid off 1/3 of its staff, cutting back from 22 employees to 14. (Again, 1/3 seems to be the magic number – Jive and Seesmic have both laid off about a third of their staff in the last week). Zivity is in a unique position as one of the only… Read More

  • 1938 Media Interview With Zivity Cofounder Cyan Banister. Guest Appearance By Scoble At End

    Fake Shel interviews Zivity Cofounder Cyan Banister and, as usual, there’s a surprise at the end (although regular TechCrunch readers may not be so surprised). I’ve managed to stop laughing long enough to get this post up. Note: Not fully safe for work. And in fact a lot of you may be flat out offended. CrunchBase Information Zivity Information provided by CrunchBase Read More

  • Zivity Nabs Napster Co-founder As CTO

    San Francisco based Zivity, a self described “community-powered showcase of female beauty,” will add a high profile technologist to their executive team next week. Napster co-founder Jordan Ritter, who was subsequently the CTO of Cloudmark and Columbia Music Entertainment (and a man who enjoys wearing sunglasses indoors), will join Zivity as chief technology officer. Zivity… Read More

  • No Longer Under Age: Zivity Takes $7 Million In Venture Financing For Adult Content Social Network

    Zivity is an adult content social network and user generated content site (they call it “Promoting Beauty 2.0”). It has the distinction of being one of the first adult content startups to be backed by venture capital via a $1 million seed round in 2007, and it caused quite a stir at its official launch at TechCrunch40. As we mentioned last month, mainstream press is starting to… Read More

  • No Date For Valentine's Day? Get Some "Adult Content" At Zivity

    Zivity, the venture-backed adult content site, which we first covered in August 2007, is starting to get mainstream press attention – co-founder Scott Banister appeared on the Fox Business Channel late last year, and Forbes wrote a long piece on them last week. The service, which distributes payments to models and photographers based on user voting, is still in private beta. Today… Read More

  • As Promised, Zivity Founder Does The Full Monty

    I wrote two weeks ago that Zivity founder Cyan Banister was not just an executive at her adult-focused photography startup, she was beginning to model for it as well. At the time, though, she was still partially clothed. Now, she’s starting to go “full monty.” She appears topless in five photos included in a new set titled “When in Paris.” I’ve included… Read More

  • Zivity Founder Bares All To Promote Her Startup

    Zivity is definitely one of the most controversial startups of 2007. It’s the first (as far as we know) adult site to have received Silicon Valley backing, including an announced $1 million angel round. And they certainly livened things up at the TechCrunch40 conference a few months ago. They went last, and their demo contained enough nudity to make much of the crowd shift uneasily in… Read More

  • TechCrunch40 Session 8: Entertainment for All Ages

    We’re live blogging each session, adding to the summary of each company direct from the floor of TechCrunch 40. Click Refresh to view. FlowPlay FlowPlay is a virtual world community built around browser-based casual games. Users play casual games as their own created anime-like avatar, earning virtual goods for their character including clothing, refrigerators and other virtual store items. Read More

  • Zivity: Silicon Valley Elite Dabble in Adult Content

    Porn is big business, and the industry has been quick to adapt by copying successful features of new consumer Internet sites. But one thing we haven’t seen until now: respected Silicon Valley entrepreneurs and investors taking a direct interest in funding or running these sites. The potential payoff from a successful adult site is clearly too high for Silicon Valley to continue to ignore… Read More