Zivity Lands A Tantalizing Deal With Playboy For More Exposure

Zivity is a great site for women and photographers who aren’t afraid to get a little racy to express themselves and potentially be discovered. That said, they obviously don’t have the reach of something like Playboy. But thanks to a new partnership between the two, interested women can potentially get the best of both worlds.

Playboy will host a series of contests on Zivity, the winners of which will get to appear on Playboy.com. The Playboy community will choose themes for each of these contests. Here are some of the ones already being thrown out there: “Hottest Super Heroes,” “Show Your Lady Gaga,” “Suits and Stockings,” “Glistening Lips,” “Babes in Boots,” “Downy Hairs,” “Girls with Glasses” — you get the idea.

The winners for each contest will be chosen by the Playboy community (starting late September/early October), and Zivity teases that certain models are likely to get scouted to appear in Playboy magazine or other Playboy ventures as well.

Women who are interested simply need to sign up for a Zivity account and start making some custom photo shoots for the contests. Models have to be 19 years old, while the photographers have to be 18. Zivity and Playboy are looking for professional-amateur to professional level photography for the contest and pictures have to have been shot with DSLR cameras.

Playboy has been struggling of late as the move online continues to eat away at the core ad sales at the magazine. There is even some talk that founder Hugh Hefner may attempt to buy back all the shares and take it private once again. But while the business may be struggling, the brand remains huge, so this is a big win for Zivity and their community.