Yellow Pages

Our Marketplace Obsession And Bubble

Service marketplaces have recently become Silicon Valley darlings. The marketplace model has been a popular way for VCs to efficiently tap into the local economies at scale, specifically the $800 bill

Yellow Pages Teams Up With Foursquare For "Venue Harmonization Project"

<img src="" class="shot2" /> Canada’s <a href="">Yellow Pages Group</a> has <a href

Tupalo closes second round funding and goes mobile

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Wiki-style business directory Brownbook hits 34 million listings

<img class="shot" title="brownbook" src="" alt="" width="282" height="82" />[UK] <a href="">Brownbook</a>, the bus

Yellow Pages Group Strengthens Foothold In Canada Through Acquisitions

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AT&T's YellowPages Paid $3.85 Million In Cash For

<img src="" alt="" />AT&T's <a href="">YellowPages</a> subsidiary purchased the two-letter domain name <a href="