• Plug Design Concept Protects You From Yourself

    According to the designer, the Power Plug is designed to protect children. I actually thing that this particular device isn’t such a great item for a house with children because of the bright colors, but the concept is interesting at least. The original concept is from Luofang Jun, and while you can’t currently use this design in the US (you’re forbidden to have anything… Read More

  • Yanko's camera concept protects the delicate bits

    Yanko is known for their off the wall concept products that never actually materialize. Why do we tell you about them? Because my boss tells me to write them up. Maybe he hopes that someday, one of these products will actually exist. Because you know, dreams can come true. Read More

  • Portable Speakers Play Your Theme Song

    Still in the concept stage, these portable speakers from Yanko Design feature an elastic fabric sock and nylon hanging/carrying strap tucked away in the bottom half of the device. Volume is controlled by twisting the two halves of the sphere, and the speakers are meant to be hung on various things like backpacks or tents The designer, Jacob Palmborg, said that the speakers will make it… Read More