• Yahoo! Licenses Platform To Reach Out To The Arab Web

    Yahoo! Licenses Platform To Reach Out To The Arab Web

    We’re currently used to more drama-oriented stories coming out of Yahoo!, but that doesn’t mean business hasn’t entirely halted there. Yamli is a service which offers a smart Arabic keyboard that allows users who type in Latin characters to find -in real-time – the most accurate equivalent Arabic term. It debuted in 2007 but has become an important part of a market… Read More

  • Yamli's Powerful Arabic Search Engine Continues To Innovate

    Yamli, the powerful Arabic transliteration search engine that allows users to easily search for Arabic phrases using their Latin keyboards, has launched a revamped version of its site that introduces a number of enhancements, including a way to automatically search for phonetically similar words that are spelled differently – a significant feature that could further bolster… Read More

  • Don't Be Evil? Google Uses Shady Ad Tactics To Edge Out Competitor

    Two weeks ago we wrote about Yamli, a powerful transliteration engine that allows users to use their Latin keyboards to type in Arabic text. The service has gotten rave reviews (see the comments), and serves a very large audience that has largely been neglected. Now we’ve gotten word that Google has launched its own competing service, and is using a dubious advertising scheme to get… Read More

  • Yamli Makes It Easy To Use Arabic On The Web

    Approximately 60% of Arabic-speaking Internet users dislike using an Arabic keyboard, according to Yamli, a Massachusetts-based startup that launched last year. CEO Habib Haddad explains that many users have to use a Latin keyboard for their jobs or school, which makes the keyboards impractical (and many think they’re just hard to type with). When it comes time to type in Arabic… Read More