• Yahoo Kills Xoopit For Gmail

    Yahoo is killing support for a popular Gmail plug-in from Xoopit, a startup it acquired in July. An email was sent out today to Xoopit users on Gmail tited, “Xoopit for Gmail is closing. Here’s the info you’ll need.” It details different ways users can export their files, photos, videos, and other attachments which may be stored on the service. Xoopit is a handy… Read More

  • Why Did Google Let Yahoo Run Off With Xoopit?

    Yahoo has acquired e-mail startup Xoopit for a reported $20 million according to multiple reports. The deal, which was first reported to be in the final stages of closing earlier this morning by the Wall Street Journal, is expected to be announced at Fortune’s Brainstorm Tech conference as early as tomorrow. Xoopit essentially offers an easy way to organize and manage e-mail, having… Read More

  • Yahoo Mail, Now With Extra Apps: PayPal, Picnik, Zumo Drive and Xoopit

    Yahoo is introducing a slew of new applications that aim to complement its free webmail service today. Since December last year, Yahoo features a number of third-party applications inside Yahoo Mail, such as Xoopit, Flickr and Flixster, all in a good effort to reduce the amount of websites you need to visit as well as time you need to spend to perform certain task related to communicating… Read More

  • Xoopit Marries Facebook Status Updates With Gmail

    Xoopit, a social networking email enhancement that allows users to locate files, images and videos in their inbox, has launched a new feature that lets Gmail users immediately see and set Facebook status messages and view profile photos of their Facebook friends while reading emails off a Gmail account. Users can also quickly see other information such as birthdays and mobile phone numbers. Read More

  • Xoopit Launches Gmail Media Search, We've Got 500 Invites

    Xoopit, the social webmail plugin that indexes your Gmail account’s media attachments, has launched Gmail Media Search. The new feature compliments Gmail’s standard text search by including a sidebar that lists file attachments, photos, and videos. The first 500 TechCrunch readers to sign up here will gain access to the service, which is currently in private beta. The Gmail… Read More

  • Xoopit Makes Your Inbox More Social. Raises $5 Million and Launches Private Beta (Invites)

    We are moving closer and closer to the social inbox—email that talks to your social networks. Today, Xoopit launches in private beta. Not to be confused with Xobni (another email 2.0 app), Xoopit is a plug-in for FireFox that lets you easily view all the photos, videos, and files buried in your e-mail as attachments and sent to you as links from across the Web. The first 700… Read More