Yahoo Mail, Now With Extra Apps: PayPal, Picnik, Zumo Drive and Xoopit

Yahoo is introducing a slew of new applications that aim to complement its free webmail service today. Since December last year, Yahoo features a number of third-party applications inside Yahoo Mail, such as Xoopit, Flickr and Flixster, all in a good effort to reduce the amount of websites you need to visit as well as time you need to spend to perform certain task related to communicating with your friends, relatives or co-workers.

Starting today, that list includes other tools like online payment handling platform PayPal, basic photo editor Picnik, Xoopit service MyPhotos and file sharing application Zumo Drive. If you already have access to the applications Yahoo brought to Yahoo Mail back in December, you’ll notice several of the apps the next time you log in, located along the left side of your inbox.

Thanks to the integration, Yahoo mail users get access to a number of useful services without the need to leave the communication interface. That way, Yahoo intends to increase the stickiness of one of its core products, in a relative, open-minded way. After all, users now don’t need to leave the interface to e.g. crop photos, transfer money, share large attachments with others, and so on, and Yahoo is not restricting itself to using or building proprietary tools.

Gmail, your turn.

In related news, Yahoo is also adding a good number of OpenSocial applications to MyYahoo today.

More on today’s Yahoo Mail announcements in this quirky video:

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