Lacie's Wuala Online Storage Gets An iPhone App

<img src="http://www.crunchgear.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/03/IPhone_Wuala_wIcon_72-620x413.jpg" />Lacie's Wuala online storage site offers users a great way to securely save and share encrypted file

Wuala brings its secure P2P online storage to iPhone

<img src="http://eu.beta.techcrunch.com/wp-content/uploads/wuala_logo.png" alt="" title="wuala_logo" width="194" height="50" class="shot" /><a href="http://www.wuala.com/">Wuala</a>, the Zurich-based

You Have Three Days To Check Out Wuala's 'Social Grid' Storage

Wuala, the innovative P2P social grid storage coming out of Switzerland, is doing a sneak preview of its public beta from now until Monday evening, after which it will close until the full launch on A

Wuala Invitations Now Available on InviteShare

Users of peer-to-peer storage service Wuala can now invite others to join private alpha testing. Put your name down on the InviteShare list for Wuala to get your own access to the service. And if you&

FolderShare AutoDeletes Files. Whoops

One of the favorite things I like to hear from developers when some horrible and embarrassing bug manifests itself is “It’s a feature not a bug.” It’s a joke of course, but it&

1,000 Invites For P2P Storage App Wuala

Okay, I’ve been sitting on these too long. At the Web 2.0 conference, I met a young Swiss entrepreneur named Dominik Grolimund, who is the CEO of a peer-to-peer storage application called Wuala.