Lacie's Wuala Online Storage Gets An iPhone App

Lacie’s Wuala online storage site offers users a great way to securely save and share encrypted files. Today, they announced an iPhone app to take advantage of the service on-the-go. The app allows users to access and share files with others right on the iDevice. Wuala encrypts and decrypts on the client side so none of the private data can ever be accessed by Wuala. They won’t ask, as long as you don’t tell, what it is that you’re hiding.

Press Release

For Immediate Release | March 16, 2011 

Wuala Online Storage Releases Fully-Encrypted iPhone App

Wuala, the secure online storage, announced today the launch of its Wuala iPhone and iPod touch application, which allows users to access their personal files on-the-go and share them with friends and colleagues. Aimed at users who demand secure mobile applications, the Wuala iPhone app encrypts and decrypts files directly on the phone. Unlike other online storage services, Wuala uses client-side encryption. This means Wuala cannot access user files because the password never leaves the device – ensuring user data is always secure.

Wuala for iPhone offers the ability to browse and view files directly. Files can be opened with selected applications, making it easy to flip through a presentation or listen to music while on the move. Selected files can also be saved for offline access.

The new app for iPhone and iPod touch brings mobility to Wuala’s diverse portfolio of cloud storage features. With automatic backup, sync and file encryption, Wuala is bound to fit all online storage needs. Wuala for iPhone and iPod touch is now available at no cost from the Apple App store. To learn more about Wuala for iPhone go to

Wuala is a great way to get secure online storage. Users can automatically backup, sync, store, share, and access files online. Wuala has a unique security concept: unlike other online storage services all files are encrypted directly on the user’s computer, and the password is never transmitted. No one unauthorized – not even Wuala – can access the user’s files. Wuala is based on novel technology that was researched at ETH Zurich (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology) in Switzerland. In 2009, Wuala was acquired by LaCie. For more information, visit

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