Wuala Invitations Now Available on InviteShare

Users of peer-to-peer storage service Wuala can now invite others to join private alpha testing. Put your name down on the InviteShare list for Wuala to get your own access to the service. And if you’re already a proud Wuala user, head over there to spread the wealth.

Wuala, which we covered here in October, allows users to backup data on each other’s computers. Storage availability starts off at 1GB and grows from there as you provide more of your own hard drive to others (and leave your computer powered on for long enough each day). Soon you will be able to trade space on your hard drive for the same amount of backup space elsewhere, or get an additional gigabyte of storage for every friend you invite to Wuala. The data you squirrel away on strangers’ computers is encrypted and broken up into 500 pieces spread out over that many machines.