Windows Phone 7

Look out: That Windows Phone 7 Update Is Bricking Handsets

Uh oh! Remember that itty-bitty update that Microsoft sent out yesterday to make sure next month’s big update would go smoothly? Looks like the itty-bitty update itself might not be going so smo

Coming Soon: Kinect-Windows Phone 7 Mashups

<img src="" />This is pretty cool, though I'm not sure it'll get that much love. Microsoft just played a video here at <a href="http://

Nokia's Windows Phone 7 Concept Revealed?

Engadget has what they say are some of the first shots of Nokia’s Windows Phone 7 concept. Right now this is just a conceptual device to show just what the marriage of Microsoft and Nokia will l

Report says that Sony Ericsson has Windows Phone 7 devices "in the pipeline"

<img src="" />A report from <a href="">Digitimes</a> today has

Microsoft meets with WP7 Jailbreak team. Hugs ensue.

<img src="" />In a move that will surely only help move more Windows Phone 7 handsets, Microsoft have met with the team

Microsoft Now Hawking Windows Phone 7 On Groupon

<img src="" />I'm almost rooting for <a href="">Windows Phone 7.</a> I mean

WP7 Connector Syncs Zunes To Your Mac (Unofficially)

<img src="" />Mac users have been asking for years for a version of <a href="">Zune</a> for OS X, eve

The Phantom Menace: Is Your Windows Phone 7 Device Sending Out ‘Phantom Data’?

<img src="" />The jury is still out as to whether or not 2011 will be the year of “<a HREF="http://www.crunchgear.c

Fly Or Die: Does Flipboard Have A Chance?

<img src="" /> It's time for this week's episode of <em>Fly or Die</em>, the TCTV show where CrunchGear editor John Biggs and I

Highlights from Microsoft's CES Keynote: Windows Phone 7 edition

<img src="" />I know that most of you can't bring yourself to sit through the hour of power that is now <a href="http://ces.

Amazon Kindle app now available for Windows Phone 7

If you’re sick of carrying around both your Kindle AND your Windows Phone 7 handset, then you can give your shoulder muscles a break tomorrow, as Amazon have now released their very almost ubiqu

Next Windows Phone 7 update called "NoDo", not to be confused with ManGo

<img src="" />There's a man in town saying that Windows Phone 7's first update will get its RTM (Release to Manufacturers) as ear

Windows Phone 7 Marketplace Hack Demonstrated On Video

<img src="" alt="" title="No, you can't have it" /> For the developers of any digital distribution store (be it Steam, or the iOS Ap

Microsoft: 1.5 million Windows Phone 7 handsets "sold" in first six weeks

<img src="" class="shot2" /><a href="">Achim Berg</a>, Microsoft’s VP of business an

Windows Phone 7 ROMs Extracted And Swapped For The First Time

Hey, Windows Phone 7 users! Dying to load your handset up with all sorts of crazy, customized ROMs like your Android-carrying brothers-from-another-mother? Well, you still can’t — but today, t

Second update to Windows Phone 7 to be announced at MWC in Feb?

<img src="" />If you thought that <a href="">one b

Microsoft's WP7 Platform Guy Won't Talk Sales Numbers Either (Le Web)

<img src="" class="shot2" /> We're here at <a href="">Le Web 2010</a> in Paris, where organizer <a href="http://ww

Microsoft Doesn't Expect Windows Phone 7 Sales To Catch Up To iOS or Android Any Time Soon

<div style="margin-top:10px;"> <div style="width:220px;float:left;"><img src="" /></div> <div style="width:410px;float:right

A Look At Windows Phone 7's Cut and Paste

It seems like only yesterday that Windows Phone 7 rolled out to acclaim and jeers. Now, a few months later, we have WinPho7’s latest unreleased version featuring three musical guests, Cut, Copy,

Microsoft not paying WP7 developers before Feb 2011

Oh no, Microsoft! This is not a good move. It appears that developers selling apps in the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace won’t get paid for peddling their wares until February 2011. Now, given that
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