Windows Phone 7

AT&T’s Year-Old Nokia Lumia 900 Finally Gets A Taste Of Windows Phone 7.8

AT&T customers who took the plunge on Nokia's Lumia 900 have had to sit idly by and watch Windows Phone 8 supercede the software loaded on their own devices, but they'll soon be able to experience

Microsoft Says Windows Phone 8 Support Ends July 2014, Still No Official Successor Announced

Microsoft has published a support document on its website that indicates both Windows Phone 8 and Windows Phone 7.8 will stop being supported in the second half of 2014, in July for Windows Phone 8 an

Nokia Starts Rolling Out Windows Phone 7.8 To Lumia Owners, Will Continue Over The Coming Weeks

Nokia has announced via its Conversations blog that the long-awaited Windows Phone 7.8 update, which brings a few of the features from Windows Phone 8 to older hardware, has begun rolling out to owner

Microsoft Releases Windows Phone 7.8 SDK — Ahead Of Long-Awaited 7.8 Update, Still Due In “Early 2013”

Microsoft has released an SDK for Windows Phone 7.8 -- aka the last ever update for Windows Phone 7 handsets, which have been orphaned by the company's platform shift to Windows Phone 8 (built on a di

Windows Phone 7.8 Update Looks To Be Hitting Some Nokia Lumia 800 Handsets Early

The long wait for Windows Phone 7.8 to hit Windows Phone 7 devices looks like it might be coming to an end a little earlier than expected for a select group of Nokia Lumia 800 owners in Europe. Accord

Microsoft Sets The Record Straight, Says The Windows Phone 7.8 Update Is Coming In Q1 2013

Windows Phone 8 has made its fair share of headlines lately but there hasn’t been has much official chatter about Windows Phone 7.8, the update intended to bridge the feature gap between older and n

Windows Phone 7.8: After Months Of Silence On WP7’s Last Ever Update, Microsoft Says “We Hope To Share More Details In Near Future”

Microsoft has been strangely silent about Windows Phone 7.8 -- the last ever update for WP7, the older version of the OS built on an entirely different kernel to WP8. But after five months of not sayi

Happy 2nd Birthday Windows Phone 7: This Is Your Life

Windows Phone 7, Microsoft's big return to the smartphone stage after Windows Mobile's gradual decline and demise, turns two today, according to a tweet by Joel Belfiore, Microsoft's head of Windows P

Microsoft Gives In-Depth Tour Of Windows Phone 7.8’s Supercharged Start Screen

Microsoft revealed <a href="">Windows Phone 7.8</a> last week. The system upd

Microsoft Shows Off New Start Screen For Windows Phone 8

A key differentiator in Windows Phone 8 will be an updated start screen, which is an evolution of the current version with customizable tiles for greater personalization. The new start screen still

Seeking The Next Rovio, Microsoft, Nokia Commit Up To $24 Million Into A New Push To Get Apps On Windows Phone

We saw what a commotion it caused when Rovio's Mighty Eagle intimated that his company would not be developing a version of its newest game, Angry Birds Space, for the Windows Phone platform (some qui

Update: Analyst: No Angry Birds Space On WP7 Affects Nokia Recovery (Rovio Says It’s Working On It)

Update: The CEO of Rovio, Mikael Hed, has dismissed reports that the company is not developing its latest Angry Birds game for the Windows Phone platform. "We are working towards getting Angry Birds S

Welcome Back, Nokia

If my Mom asked me what smartphone to buy right this second, I'd tell her to wait -- wait until the Nokia Lumia 900 is released. It's that good. Windows Phone 7 is that good. It's faster and more idio

Nokia Top Windows Phone 7 Vendor, But There’s Still Plenty Of Catching Up To Do

The Microsoft-Nokia partnership is still in its infancy, but it would seem as though that little guy is about ready to start walking. Strategy Analytics today released Q4 numbers showing that Nokia ho

Rdio Releases New Android App, Ought To Be Ashamed Of Its Windows Phone App

Today, <a href="">Rdio</a> <a href="

Windows Phone 8 Apollo Features Leak

A video detailing the new features of Windows Phone 8 Apollo — originally intended for Microsoft's smartphone partners — has leaked into the hands of PocketNow editors. Yay! In my

Giving Windows Phone A Chance

If you take a look at <a href="">Techmeme</a> right now, you'll notice that the top conversation in the tech blogosphere is about Windows Phone, and more s

Xbox 360-controlling “Xbox Companion” App Now Available For Windows Phone 7

Microsoft's wonderfully shiny <a href="">new Xbox 360 dashboard</a> is now available to mo

Microsoft Looks To Cut Windows Phone Production Costs… In Half

Microsoft is looking to cut manufacturing costs on its Windows Phone 7 handsets, according to statements made by WinPho boss Andy Lees in Hong Kong today. The company has struggled through its push in

T-Mobile Poster Reveals Nokia Drive For Windows Phone, Confirms Sabre?

Oops. A new promotional poster made an appearance in a store at T-Mobile's German headquarters, where it confirmed the existence of a Nokia Windows Phone with a 3.7-inch display and Nokia's Drive navi
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