UK challenger bank Atom raises another £50M from BBVA and more at £530M valuation

Another hopeful among Europe’s so-called challenger banks — startups taking on the big names in consumer banking by targeting niche groups of users with a more modern set of tools to manag

Will.i.am’s company buys Bluetooth earbud maker Earin

i.am+ is a strange company — of course, we’d expect no less from a startup owned by Black Eyed Pea turned tech entrepreneur, Will.i.am. Probably best known for its gaudy Buttons headphones and the

Crunch Report | SpaceX Falcon Heavy launch Planned for November

Falcon Heavy launch is set for November, i.am+ acquires Wink and Stitch Fix has confidentially filed for an IPO. All this on Cruch Report.

Apple’s debut TV series, Planet of the Apps, kicks off

After months of trailing a move into original TV content, Apple yesterday pushed play on the first episode of Planet of the Apps, which can now be watched online via iTunes if you're a subscriber of

Will.i.am is back with another weird gadget

These days, musician is pretty far down on Will.i.am’s resume. The lead Black Eyed Pea has been kicking around the halls of CES a bunch over the past several years with a series of often odd takes o

William Hurley on Honest Dollar’s sale to Goldman Sachs

Jordan French Contributor Jordan French is the founder of the marketing firm Notability Partners and the chief marketing officer of BeeHex. More posts by this contributor Don Katz dishes on Audible.co

Apple plans unscripted, app-focused show for its first original TV content

Apple’s plans for its first original TV show don’t make it sound like a swing-for-the-fences, House of Cards-style project. Instead, it’s working on an unscripted TV series about ap

Will.i.am Launches Will.i.apps With First 360-Degree Music Video For The Black Eyed Peas

<img src="http://tctechcrunch.files.wordpress.com/2010/12/bep360.jpg"> Every major music artist these days seems to have their own iPhone app, but the latest app from the Black Eyed Peas is like noth

Will.I.am is now RIM.I.am

I’m totally down with product placement on TV and, in this case, videos – it’s a great way to advertise without taking anything away from the entertainment except for a brief twinge