Wii Fit

  • Shock study: Wii Fit alone won't get you into shape (nor is it supposed to, by the way)

    Shocking study coming out of the University of Minnesota that says Wii Fit won’t get you into shape, despite what you may think. Well, to be specific, the study says the game won’t produce “significant changes in daily physical activity, muscular fitness, flexibility, balance or body composition.” Read More

  • Wii Fit Plus now available

    As of yesterday, Wii Fit Plus is available for purchase wherever Wii games are sold. The standalone version of the game retails for $20 while the game and balance board (required) together go for $100. If you bought the first version of Wii Fit with the balance board, you only need to purchase the standalone version of Wii Fit Plus. Read More

  • Wii Fit Plus coming October 4th, priced at $20

    Nintendo has officially announced Wii Fit Plus, a somewhat incremental upgrade to its wildly-popular Wii Fit exercise program. The price of the Wii Fit bundle, which will include the new Wii Fit Plus along with the Balance Board apparatus, will remain at $99 while the standalone version of the game will cost $19.99. It’s set to release here in the US on October 4th. Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Wii for $200, Wii Fit for $72

    Whoa, Dell, that’s some aggressive pricing on the Wii and Wii Fit. Assuming it’s not a price mistake, you can get — today only — the Nintendo Wii for $199.99 and Wii Fit for $71.99 with free shipping. Read More

  • President Obama: Don't spend all day playing video games; go exercise!

    Let’s not dwell on this for too long, since it’s largely a non-issue. President Obama, speaking to the American Medical Association (mostly about health care, such as it is), listed “video games” as a potential bad guy… for your health. You know, sitting on a couch all day long trying to rack up Achievements. Read More

  • Nintendo to announce Wii Fit Plus next week?

    You guys down with Wii Fit or what? Loose talk around the internet seems to indicate that we’ll all be hearing about something called Wii Fit Plus at E3 next week. Read More

  • Wii Fit Balance Board now comes in 'knockoff blue'

    Looking for a Wii Balance Board but don’t want to have to buy Wii Fit just to get one? Well you, my friend, are in luck. Read More

  • EA Sports Active coming in May

    Just a quick heads up that EA’s Wii Fit killer has been dated for May 19th. Nintendo better watch out because Active is only $60 compared to $90 for the Wii Fit. Is anyone going to get this? Pre-order now! EA Sports Active Read More

  • Wii Fit add-on to send data to health professionals

    Unlike Brain Age, Nintendo’s Wii Fit actually works to help get people into shape. It might not be as successful as a personal trainer, but that may change soon. Read More

  • Wii Fit surfaces on Amazon.com – hurry!

    The almost-impossible-to-find Wii Fit is in stock at Amazon right now for $89.99 with free shipping. I checked earlier today and it was out of stock, so they must have just gotten some. Read More

  • EA sets sights on Wii Fit fans with EA Sports Active

    Looks like EA Sports is getting into the Wii-based fitness arena with EA Sports Active. It’ll be launching next spring, right about the time you grab hold of your ever-lingering holiday gut with both hands, look skyward, and scream "Whaaaeeeyyyyy?" While somewhat similar to Wii Fit, EA Sports Active will eschew a balance board-type apparatus in favor of "two… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Nintendo Wii + Wii Fit bundle for $349

    Target is selling the Nintendo Wii console along with Wii Fit, balance board, and carrying case for $349.99 (online only, free shipping). It’s maybe not a “deal” deal per se, but the bundle appears to be in stock, so there’s that. I’d hurry, though. Wii Fit with Hardware and Bag Bundle for Nintendo Wii [Target.com via dealnews] Read More

  • EA plans to take on the Wii Fit with their own peripherals?

    The difference between a casual gamer and hardcore gamer seems to be one big grey area these days. The terminology doesn’t exactly convey the same message it used to, but that’s an argument/post for a later time. We all know the Wii epitomizes casual gaming and it looks like EA wants to change that with a slight variation to the Wii Fit. It won’t make it hardcore, but you… Read More

  • Be a recluse: Walk around your town with Wii Fit

    Everyone loves a good Wii Fit hack. This guy hooked up his Wii Fit to Google’s street view so he could walk around town. It’s kind of neat idea, but I really don’t know how fun it is to march in place. I rather just sit in my chair and click a mouse. via Makezine Blog Read More

  • Wii Fit seemingly blamed for £20.1 million worth of damage in the UK, don’t believe the hype

    I’m going to refrain from sensationalizing this story too much, as the UK’s Daily Telegraph is reporting that women that work out in their living rooms have caused over £20 million worth of damage to their homes in the past year in a post titled Wii Fit women leave £20 million toll of destruction to living rooms. That total is derived from in-home destruction over the past year… Read More

  • Video: Hacked Wii balance board used in WoW

    The same German nerds who hacked the Wii Balance Board to work in Google Earth have managed to make it work in WoW. Be amazed. Nerds. Read More

  • Meet the girl from the Wii Fit video

    Remember the girl in the “why you should buy your girlfriend a Wii Fit” video? Turns out her name is Lauren Bernat, she’s 25, and she was super pissed at her boyfriend (sorry, fellas) for posting the video on YouTube. Now, of course, she’s something of a micro-celebrity, enjoying the 15 minutes of fame that only a perfect ass like that can generate. The Mail caught up… Read More

  • 10 things better than Wii Fit

    Our favorite former CrunchGearer, VV, now works for GearFuse and put together this semi-excellent video of things to do instead of looking like a moron on the Wii Fit. Warning! There’s some salty language in there. Oh, those kids. Read More

  • Nintendo hates America, loves Europe and money more

    Image courtesy of Kotaku. It’s no secret that Nintendo loves to play the ‘we never anticipated this much demand, so we’re fresh out of stock’ bull honky, so it really shouldn’t come as a surprise that the Wii Fit is sold out across the country. Nintendo is playing it smart here in the US. We all want what we can’t have, though that argument could be said… Read More

  • Why every guy should buy their girlfriend Wii Fit

    http://www.gametrailers.com/remote_wrap.php?umid=222285 UPDATE: Oh man, you guys missed it. It was pretty awesome. UPDATE 2: Three cheers for Jonny U! To whom it may concern, I watched the video you uploaded to YouTube titled “Why every guy should buy their girlfriend Wii Fit” with great interest. Aside from the riveting and engaging content contained within the video itself, I… Read More