Wii Fit

  • Video: Using Wii Fit to cruise around Google Earth

    The Vee Balance Board, finally put to good use. A couple of German researchers hacked the Wii Fit input device to work with Google Earth and other oddball applications. This here video explains the lot of it, complete with early 1990s Hackers-sounding, proto-trance background music. via Nowhere Else Read More

  • CrunchArcade: Good luck finding a copy of Wii Fit

    Surprising no one, Wii Fit looks to be in short supply this launch week. Get a good one. The exercise “game,” which was released yesterday at the Nintendo World Store in New York amid much Internet confusion—but we thought that was the nationwide release date?—is now scheduled to come out tomorrow for the rest of the country. But good luck finding a copy, as online… Read More

  • UK man upset that 'Wii Fit' called step-daughter fat

    A girl in the UK who weighs around 85 pounds was told by Wii Fit that she was fat, despite being “a perfectly healthy, 4ft 9in tall 10-year old who swims [and] dances…She is solidly built but not fat. She was devastated to be called fat and we had to work hard to convince her she isn’t,” according to the girl’s stepfather, in an interview with the Daily Mail. Part… Read More

  • Videogame fitness from A to Zebra Striped Unitards

    Joel Johnson, blogger extraordinaire, has created on omnibus of videogame exercise gear, starting with a Wii-Fit-like JoyBoard to the Wii-Fit-like Wii Fit. Along the way he looks at exercise bikes that hooked up to your PC with software from Autodesk (!!) and the Atari “Puffer,” which sounds like something I saw on RedTube. Best of all, Joel is funny so his little trip down… Read More

  • Atari to sell Wii Fit clone

    Hey, fat people? Can’t afford Wii Fit? Pick up Atari’s Family Trainer which appears to be a DDR pad attached to the Wii that allows you to run through haunted mansions and dangerous jungles while being chased by the nagging suspicion that trying to lose weight using a video game is like trying to put out a fire with hairspray. Read More

  • Wii, fat-boy, Wii

    From his earlier experiment. Are you a little bit fat? Want to lose a bit and then gain it back and then try to lose again? Then hop on a Wii Fit and burn off those pounds. This guy lost 9 pounds playing Wii Sports, gained 19, and now wants to lose them all again on Wii Fit. Not quite sure what he’s gaining in this wacky yo-yo experiment and from the pasty look of his non-belly… Read More

  • CruchArcade: Wii Fit makes your body cry

    Dear gamers, Your body may hurt, may “cry,” if you will, after playing Wii Fit. Read More

  • CrunchArcade: Nintendo officially prices Wii Fit

    Nintendo’s upcoming white plank of plastic has been priced at a mere $90. Yes, that’s right, the Wii Fit will launch stateside May 19 and those of you living in NYC who pre-order from the Nintendo World store from April 18-20 will get a special bonus. The first 1,000 lazy sacks to put down $5 will get a limited edition Wii Fit t-shirt with an image of Shigeru Miyamoto and his… Read More

  • CrunchArcade: Wii Fit predicted to sell 3m copies this year (that's a lot)

    You and I already (?) know about Wii Fit, Nintendo’s upcoming Wii game that the company characterizes as a good health-promoting alternative to the usual FPS or dungeon crawl. Now, though, the mainstream, non-tech press is catching on, with Murdoch’s New York Post publishing a piece two days ago explaining the game’s potential appeal. A monocle-wearing analyst expects Nintendo… Read More

  • 'Wii Fit' coming May 19, just in time for going outside

    Man, this Wii Fit thing’s sure taking it’s time getting here. The Wall Street Journal is reporting a release date of May 19 here in the US, which should be just about the time that people start going outside to exercise. It was released in Japan on December 1 of last year and went on to sell more than 250,000 copies in the first week at roughly $75 a pop. The game… Read More

  • Nintendo Wii Fit Price, Availability Revealed

    For those of you who’ve been wondering about the release and price of the Wii Fit then wonder no more. According to the blokes at Game Stop the pre-release for the Wii Fit is January 1, 2008 and that’s not all. They’ve priced it out at $69.99, which isn’t too bad considering the limitless hours of joy it will bring you and the family. The pre-release doesn’t tell… Read More

  • Nintendo Wii Fit Parody

    This video needs no introduction. Just watch and laugh, cry, or throw your Wii out the window. Read More