EA sets sights on Wii Fit fans with EA Sports Active


Looks like EA Sports is getting into the Wii-based fitness arena with EA Sports Active. It’ll be launching next spring, right about the time you grab hold of your ever-lingering holiday gut with both hands, look skyward, and scream "Whaaaeeeyyyyy?"

While somewhat similar to Wii Fit, EA Sports Active will eschew a balance board-type apparatus in favor of "two specially-designed leg straps that hold the Wii’s Nunchuk controller to track lower body movements, as well as a resistance band to support a number of upper body strength training exercises." Sounds kinky.

If you already have Wii Fit and the Wii Balance Board, EA Sports Active is designed to work in tandem with the board by using it to "add functionality to many exercises."

Not one to forgo the leverage of celebrity endorsement, EA has enlisted the help of trainer-to-the-stars Bob Greene to design some of the exercise routines. He’s the guy that yells at Oprah for her non-stop yo-yoing. Seriously, pick a body girlfriend!

EA Sports Active will be available for $59.99. That’s for the straps and resistance band and some sort of software title to get you up and running.