The Other Side Of The Story: WhosHere vs. Who’s Near Me Live

You guys may remember a post on TechCrunch yesterday about a trademark spat between an entrepreneur named Brian Hamachek, who built an app called Who's Near Me Live, and a Lightbank-backed startup cal

Startups Vs. Startups: App Developer Gets Sued By Lightbank-Backed WhosHere

So here's a story that hopefully will be an eye-opener for entrepreneurs and startups, while providing a painful peek into trademark harassment and the importance of due diligence. It goes a little so

WhosHere Launches Anonymous Video Chat

As evidenced by the success of <a HREF="http://chatroulette.com/">Chatroulette</a>, people get a kick out of seeing each other (anonymously) on video. Taking that to heart, <a HREF="http://whoshere.ne