WhosHere Launches Anonymous Video Chat

As evidenced by the success of Chatroulette, people get a kick out of seeing each other (anonymously) on video. Taking that to heart, WhosHere – an app that has allowed countless people to meet and greet each other in meatspace – has launched a video chat service that lets folks connect when and where they want.

The update embeds video chat into the standard text and voice chat already available through the app. Rather than allowing random video and photo encounters immediately, however, the system turns off most media sharing by default.

From the PR:

“Although many use WhosHere to meet new people, it is so much more than just a dating app,” said
Stephen Smith, co-founder and COO. “We’ve found that our users have made connections for many
different aspects of life – love, friendship, keeping in touch with family, travel advice and more. The use
of WhosHere is truly limitless.”

Although it will never replace seeing a nearly naked man staring at you out of murky darkness on Omegle, it’s definitely a step forward for mobile dating and chat apps.

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