• Wesabe Co-founder Explains Why They Lost To Mint, Blames Himself

    Marc Hedlund, co-founder and former CEO of personal finance company Wesabe, has penned a refreshingly honest and open take on why he thinks the startup lost to rival Mint. The latter launched later than Wesabe (and won the top prize at the TechCrunch40 conference back in 2007) and was later acquired by Intuit for $170 million, while Wesabe had a less stellar exit and hit the deadpool last June. Read More

  • Online Finance Startup Wesabe Heads To The Deadpool

    Wesabe, an online personal finance site that looked to help users better keep track of their spending trends, is shutting down. The startup’s homepage now consists of a letter to Wesabe users instructing them to download their account information by July 31, at which point nearly all of the service’s features will be taken offline and data deleted. The lone feature that will… Read More

  • Wesabe Meets Mint In The iPhone Finance App Arena

    When it comes to startups in the online personal finance sphere, most people think of Mint. But another player in the space, Wesabe, has been holding its own as well, seeing some nice growth in the past year. Which one you use is probably a matter of personal taste, but perhaps you were mesmerized by Mint’s slick iPhone app. Well, now Wesabe has one as well. So how do the apps stack up? Read More

  • Tree.com Acquires Mint Competitor Thrive

    New York-based Loudwater Labs has sold the assets of its online personal finance management application Thrive to Tree.com (Nasdaq:TREE), the company behind services such as the formerly IAC-owned LendingTree and RealEstate.com. This means that the publicly listed Tree.com now has a very good resource in its hands as well as sufficient reach to give Mint and other personal finance management… Read More

  • Strands Absorbs Another Personal Finance Company

    Strands has made a second recruitment in its effort to develop a Mint competitor called moneyStrands that leverages the same recommendation engine behind its video and music products. Just over two weeks ago Strands acquired Expensr, and now the company is announcing its acquisition of NetworthIQ. Both are personal finance applications that Strands wanted mostly for their human capital, but… Read More

  • Billeo Secures $7 Million In Financing

    Online bill pay service Billeo has announced a $7 million Series B round of funding. ATA Ventures led the financing, with additional contributions from all of Billeo’s existing investors including Altos Ventures, Claremont Creek and Pacifica Fund. There have been a lot of startups focused on enhancing your online personal finance, mostly around analyzing your investments (Cake, Zecco… Read More

  • More Money For Wesabe

    Wesabe’s “online Quicken” product apparently caught the eye of Union Square Venture’s Fred Wilson, because he’s just written a check to lead a $4 million Series A round. This follows a seed round of $700,000 led by O’Reilly AlphaTech Ventures (OATV) just a couple of months ago. OATV also participated in this round. Brad Burnham from Union Square Ventures… Read More

  • Billmonk Has A Half Brother

    Social/mobile payments site Billmonk had a mini merger with competitor Obopay last month (we called it a “battle for relevance” since PayPal has a strong product offering in the mobile space as well). Buxfer is another social money Y Combinator funded company that softly launched last September. It provides the same basic functionality of Billmonk, such as keeping a running total… Read More

  • Wesabe Gets Money From Tim O'Reilly's OATV

    Berkeley, California based Wesabe will announce a $700,000 round of financing tomorrow from O’Reilly AlphaTech Ventures (as well as a couple of individual investors), and Tim O’Reilly will join the company’s board of directors. A good overview video of the service, which launched in December, is below. Wesabe is best described as a web version of Quicken, but with some… Read More