• Founder Buys Free Gifts Back from SGN for Less than 10% of the Purchase Price [TCTV]

    Zachary Allia is just 26 years old. He’s either really lucky, is a negotiating savant or a combination of both. Back in 2007 when Facebook first opened their platform, Allia and a graphic designer pal came up with the Free Gifts app– mostly because he was a poor college kid and paying $1 to send someone a picture of a cake seemed exorbitant. He launched it and woke up the next… Read More

  • CNET Sells Webshots For $45 Million; Other News

    Ok, the CNET news we hinted at is starting to roll in. They’ve sold Webshots, a photo sharing site, for $45 million in cash to American Greetings. The reason, says CNET Neil Ashe, is to allow CNET to “focus on key areas of growth.” Webshots seemed to be growing pretty fast, though. The site attracted 7.2 million visitors in the U.S. in September, up 25 percent from last… Read More

  • Webshots Adds Video

    CNet’s photosharing service Webshots is adding video sharing capabilities today, something that has been expected since at least August when the service underwent a drastic redesign. There’s not a lot of information on the site yet about the new feature, but there is one company blog post with links to tutorial videos. You can see examples of Webshots video here and here. The… Read More

  • CNET's Getting Its Groove

    CNET sure has been busy fixing up its community sites lately. In addition to recent updates to Consumating, Webshots, and Chow, the launch of AllYouCanUpload and the acquisition of UrbanBaby, CNET relaunched popular Tech news and community site TechRepublic today. A key addition to TechRepublic is the use of tags to categorize all content on the site, including user generated content found in… Read More

  • Webshots Redesign Launches, Video Coming

    CNET owned Webshots, a massive property with 420 million photos, relaunched moments ago with a new interface and a number of feature changes. The most notable changes are to the limits on photo uploading. Free accounts are now able to upload 1,000 photos plus an additional 100 photos per month (the additional photos are applied retroactively and continue to accrue even if not used). Read More

  • Webshots to relaunch with a Web 2.0 look

    There won’t be tagging, but CNet’s photosharing site Webshots is adding a number of features reminiscent of Flickr and getting a whole new look. The relaunch will occur some time in late August, but an alpha site is up here. The site currently looks straight out of the 90’s, it will be interesting to see how established users react to the redesign. The Webshots team… Read More

  • CNET's AllYouCanUpload Is Disruptive

    CNET very quietly launched a simple new photo uploading site called AllYouCanUpload last week. At first glance it doesn’t appear to be very special or disruptive. But it is. By launching AllYouCanUpload, CNET just pulled the rug out from under at least two startups (photobucket and imageshack) that focus on providing image hosting for users who want to display those images on other… Read More

  • CNET rolls out "College Live" at Webshots

    Webshots, a photo publishing and sharing service which was acquired by CNET in August 2004, is starting to launch social networking features to compete with the more cutting edge photo services like Flickr. Last month they launched the social networking features. Later today they will launch a new service called “College Live”, which targets the 30 million or so U.S. young… Read More