CNET's Getting Its Groove

CNET sure has been busy fixing up its community sites lately. In addition to recent updates to Consumating, Webshots, and Chow, the launch of AllYouCanUpload and the acquisition of UrbanBaby, CNET relaunched popular Tech news and community site TechRepublic today.

A key addition to TechRepublic is the use of tags to categorize all content on the site, including user generated content found in the discussion forums. Users are also able to create a personal space on the site, bookmark friends, etc. It’s a sort of MySpace for tech geeks.

Most of these sites fall under Martin Green, GM of CNET’s Community Group, who’s been leading a hard charge to bring CNET’s various community sites up to new standards set by Flickr, and other successful “web 2.0” sites. TechRepublic is led by CNET VP Stephen Howard-Sarin.