Webshots Redesign Launches, Video Coming

logoCNET owned Webshots, a massive property with 420 million photos, relaunched moments ago with a new interface and a number of feature changes.

The most notable changes are to the limits on photo uploading. Free accounts are now able to upload 1,000 photos plus an additional 100 photos per month (the additional photos are applied retroactively and continue to accrue even if not used). Premium accounts, which are $30 per year, allow for 5,000 initial photos plus 500 more per month. Photos are archived at original resolution, and resized for presentation on the site only if larger than 2400×2400.

In another notable move, Webshots will be allowing users to upload video to their webshots accounts starting in September. Video will be transcoded into Flash video for viewing on the website. Our long-time opinion has been that photo sharing sites needed video as well, to allow people to store vacation and other photos and videos in a single location. Look for this feature eventually on Flickr as well.

Our previous coverge of Webshots is here.