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  • A Closer Look At The Silicon Valley Vs. Wall Street Talent War Crunch Network

    A Closer Look At The Silicon Valley Vs. Wall Street Talent War

    Gordon Gekko is but a distant blip in the rear-view mirror for this generation’s best and brightest. In lieu of Wall Street, today’s top graduates are flocking to Silicon Valley and other top technology hubs in droves, drawn in by visions of challenging the status quo with world-changing apps and the opportunity to make a real, lasting impact in the world. Read More

  • The MBAs Are Fleeing, Should SF Be Worried?

    The MBAs Are Fleeing, Should SF Be Worried?

    Bubble, bubble, bubble. Are we in one, are we already done with one, are we getting closer to one? These questions have the dual benefit of being completely impossible to answer while having a high enough salience to tech readers to ensure that the almighty advertising machine gets stoked for another cycle. Let’s throw some more coal into the fire. We already had our massive discussion… Read More

  • GoPro’s 14.6% Day 2 Rise Puts It Up 50% From Its IPO Price

    GoPro’s 14.6% Day 2 Rise Puts It Up 50% From Its IPO Price

    GoPro spiked from its offering price of $24 to $31.34 yesterday in its first day of trading. Today the company built on that success, adding nearly $5 more to its share price, ending the day at $35.92, up 14.60 percent during regular trading. All told, GoPro is now up a total of 49.67 percent from its IPO price, making it more than a successful IPO. Its rapid ascent will surely be read by… Read More

  • Zecco Launches App To Let You Trade Stocks, View Realtime Stock Market Data On Facebook

    When it comes to public interaction with the stock market, the ability to trade stocks online has completely changed the game. With abundant financial information on the Web, through a little research, more people than ever before have joined in on an activity once reserved for a relationship between the broker and a trader. If you trade online, you may have used ETRADE or TD Ameritrade, or a… Read More

  • Gaming on the Throne: Review of Squash the Street for iPhone

    Squash The Street by Last Legion Games, is the latest iPhone/iPod Touch game to be chronicled in my “Gaming on the Throne” series at CrunchGear (see explanation). Initially when I played STS I was a little underwhelmed. Don’t get me wrong, the execution was solid, but it seemed kind of repetitive to me. Then something happened that changed my mind and ultimately led to me… Read More

  • The Mess On Wall Street: Four Trillion Dollars Down The Drain

    The collapse of so many major financial institutions in the past year, and over the past few days especially, is hard to fathom in its enormity. Sometimes you need a good visual to put things in perspective. The New York Times has an interactive graphic up on its site that pretty much says it all. It shows that $4 trillion has been wiped off the total market capitalization of the U.S. Read More

  • Despite record profits, Apple stock slides over Jobs' health fears

    Those rumors of Steve Jobs being in ill health aren’t doing the company any favors. Apple’s stock dropped some 11 percent overnight, despite the fact that the company pulled in $9 billion in profits, primarily fueled by record Mac sales. That Steve Jobs himself wasn’t present at the conference call raised investors’ suspicions. The company’s CFO called… Read More

  • Apple's stock dives during Macworld keynote

    [photopress:apple_stock_chart_115.png,full,center] It looks like Wall Street isn’t too impressed with what Steve Jobs has showed off today. Apple’s stock is down some 8 percent today, trading at $170.41. What’s up, Wall Street? I mean, I have my own reasons why I’m disappointed with the announcements, but I’d like to know what The Street’s problem… Read More

  • AT&T Says Only 146,000 iPhone Activated First Weekend: Wall Street Sorta Worried

    No, this isn’t a case of Henny Penny, but AT&T’s official numbers for its second fiscal quarter didn’t exactly impress Wall Street, most notably how many iPhones were activated. AT&T says around 146,000 iPhones were activated in the two days following its introduction. Compared to reports we had read suggesting that as many as 500,000 iPhones were sold during that… Read More