• Tintri Raises $25 Million For Storage Designed To Improve Virtual Machine Environments

    Tintri Raises $25 Million For Storage Designed To Improve Virtual Machine Environments

    Tintri has raised a new $25 million round of funding for its storage appliances designed for virtual environments. The round was led by Menlo Ventures and joined by existing investors NEA and Lightspeed Venture Partners. Tintri has now raised more than $60 million since its launch in March of last year. Read More

  • Wanna Access Your Windows Desktop Anywhere Before Windows 8? WorldDesk Says It Has The Answer

    Wanna Access Your Windows Desktop Anywhere Before Windows 8? WorldDesk Says It Has The Answer

    With Windows 8, Microsoft is introducing more portable, cloud compatibility in the form of Windows To Go, but what about those seeking a solution today that works on devices running Windows 7? WorldDesk claims to have an answer. The Northern Irish-founded, now Menlo Park, Calif.-based company has launched a new virtualization platform that it says allows all Windows 7 users to carry their… Read More

  • LG and VMware make sweet love, bring virtualization to Android

    Virtualization. There are few words quite as able to make a geek’s heart all a-flutter. Teaming it up with a smartphone? Man, you gonna give a geek a cardiac arrest! LG have now teamed up with VMware to help bring virtualization to the smartphone world. But why? Well, it’s purely for the enterprise geeks. Having to carry two phones around is a pain in the ash, but the requirements… Read More

  • The PC is dead, long live the PC!

    If you’ve been paying any attention to computing technology for more than a couple of years, chances are strong that you’ve noticed some trends. The trade rags and industry analysts make their money predicting these trends — or trying to, at any rate — but it’s pretty easy to see for yourself how many of these trends develop. The hot technology when I was a… Read More

  • Windows 7 XP Mode won't work on all PCs

    So XP Mode is a major bullet point in the list of Windows 7 features. Yay! Except that the way it works — by using Microsoft Virtual PC and a legit copy of Windows XP SP3 — requires that your CPU have Intel VT virtualization support. Whoops, not all CPUs have that! Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Free Parallels for Windows/Linux

    Thats right. You heard it. Parallels for free. It may not be the version for Mac, but you can still virtualize Windows in Linux or vice versa. Just head over to this link and request a key. Read More

  • VMWare Stock Tumbles As CEO Ejected By Board

    VMWare announced this morning that the board and directors have asked CEO Diane Greene to step down as President and CEO effective immediately. Greene, an original founder of the VMWare company, will be replaced by Paul Maritz as President and CEO, and he has also been assign to the board of the company. Maritz was the founder of Pi Corporation, a cloud based storage and services provider that… Read More

  • Latest Parallels for Mac adds Tools support for 'Linux'

    Heads up, Mac users who want to use Linux for some reason. The latest version of Parallels Desktop, the virtualization software that lets you run inferior operating systems on your Mac, now supports Parallel Tools when running Linux, including Ubuntu 8. Throw in enhanced 3D graphic support in Vista and you’ve got your self a Grade A point update. via MacNN Read More

  • Update to Windows Server includes virtualization

    [photopress:windows_server_2008_bundle.jpg,full,left]Windows is getting the virtualization treatment with Server 2008, which was released today. In the past, to run virtual version of Windows on a server, you’d have to use software like that made by VMware, but by building it into the operating system, Microsoft has struck a blow against other virtualization companies. The new version… Read More

  • Microsoft's VPC Goes Free

    If you’re looking to run a virtual computer on your computer, Microsoft is doing something unusual for itself: it’s hooking you up free. As of today, Virtual PC is free, but only for Windows users. This is in keeping with Microsoft’s virtualization scheme, which positions software like Virtual PC as test environments and ways to run virtual secure servers within one… Read More

  • OS X On Non-Apple Hardware Via Virtualization

    In the fallout of the Mac’s shift from PowerPC to Intel-based hardware, X86-compatible versions of OSX floated around the Internets, allowing anyone to install the Apple operating system on a PeeCee (yours truly included). This is one thing Apple does not want, but with both VMware and Parallels working on virtualization of the Mac platform, it’s becoming a very likely… Read More