Microsoft’s new Windows Virtual Desktop lets you run Windows 10 in the cloud

There are plenty of third-party solutions for running a Windows desktop in the cloud, but until now, Microsoft itself seemed hesitant to offer the same kind of user experience. Today, however, the com

DeferPanic secures $1.5 M seed round to popularize unikernel concept

We’ve all probably heard of containers and virtual machines by now. Virtualization enabled IT to break down a single server into multiple machines. Containers allowed you take that concept and m

Nvidia debuts new Drive Constellation simulated self-driving test system

Nvidia has taken the AutoSIM virtual environment for testing autonomous cars it originally showed off at CES, combined it with its Drive Pegasus AI in-car computer and created a virtual testing and va

Illumio, a specialist in segmented security, raises $125M at $1b+ valuation

Another day, another major round of funding for a security startup, underscoring just how active the area of IT protection is right now — both in terms of business need and as an investment oppo

Skyport Systems rolls out security analytics

Skyport Systems has released new security analytics features to complement the network security controls and virtualization tools on its cloud-managed server products. The company now offers tools th

AppFormix now helps enterprises monitor and optimize their virtualized networks

AppFormix helps enterprises, including the likes of Rackspace and its customers, monitor and optimize their OpenStack- and container-based clouds. The company today announced that it has also now add

Storage Vendor Tintri Lands $125M Round With Eye Toward IPO

Tintri, a company that develops storage solutions for virtual applications, announced a $125 million round today. The company also indicated the next logical step is probably going to be an IPO in the

Joyent Launches Triton, Its New Container Infrastructure For Easier Docker Deployments

Joyent today announced the launch of Triton, its new container infrastructure for making Docker deployments in on-premise clouds and on its own cloud architecture easier. This announcement comes about

Citrix Scoops Up Virtual Storage Vendor Sanbolic

Citrix purchased Sanbolic today, a company that provides virtual storage optimization services, filling in a missing piece in its virtualization product portfolio with the acquisition. It’s w

VMware Vets Get $4.5M In Series A To Launch Private Cloud Management Platform

Back in 2009 I saw a talk by then VMware CTO Steve Herrod, now a partner at General Catalyst Partners, who described a private Amazon Web Services-like environment where users could provision servi

Mesosphere Adds Docker Support To Its Mesos-Based Operating System For The Data Center

<a target="_blank" href="">Mesos</a> is an open source project that helps developers manage server clusters more efficiently while providing resource isolation. It's currently

Pplconnect Launches Its Private Beta For A Virtual Smartphone Platform You Can Use Anywhere

Startup Alley at TechCrunch Disrupt this year is underway on day one, and pplconnect is one of the companies exhibiting today. This Montreal-based startup, co-founded by Jenviev Azzolin and Densil D'S

Voxel Virtualizes Mobile Apps To Create Truly Playable, Interactive Ads

<a target="_blank" href="">Voxel</a>, a startup aiming to make mobile ads genuinely representative of the apps they're promoting, just launched on-stage as part of the Startup Batt

Data Storage Company, Scale Computing, Raises $12M Series D Led By Heron Capital To Grow Its Datacenter-In-A-Box

Data storage company Scale Computing, which provides clustered storage infrastructure for SMEs, has closed a $12 million Series D funding round, led by Heron Capital Venture Fund. Reservoir Venture Pa

Tintri Raises $25 Million For Storage Designed To Improve Virtual Machine Environments

<a target="_blank" href="">Tintri</a> has raised a new $25 million round of funding for its storage appliances designed for virtual environments. The round was led by <a target="_blan

Wanna Access Your Windows Desktop Anywhere Before Windows 8? WorldDesk Says It Has The Answer

With Windows 8, Microsoft is introducing more portable, <a href="">cloud compatibility</a> in the form of Windows To Go, but what about

LG and VMware make sweet love, bring virtualization to Android

<img src="" />Virtualization. There are few words quite as able to make a geek's heart all a-flutter. Teaming it up with a

The PC is dead, long live the PC!

<img src="" />If you've been paying any attention to computing technology for more than a couple of years, chances are strong that

Windows 7 XP Mode won't work on all PCs

<img src="" />So <a href="">XP Mode</a> is a major bulle

CrunchDeals: Free Parallels for Windows/Linux

<img src=""> Thats right. You heard it. Parallels for free. It may not be the version for Mac, but you can still virtual
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