With Its $100M Acquisition Of VideoSurf, Microsoft’s Video Search Now Has Big Potential

Yesterday morning, <a href="">we reported that Microsoft had acquired</a> Israeli video

Al Gore-backed VideoSurf bought by Microsoft for $70 million

<img src="" class="shot2" /> According to Israeli businesspaper <a href=",7340,L-3552654,00

Al Gore-Backed VideoSurf Bought By Microsoft For $70 Million

According to Israeli businesspaper <a href=",7340,L-3552654,00.html">Calcalist</a> (in Hebrew), <a href="">Micr

TC50: Scoble Declares That VideoSurf "Doesn't Suck"

<img src="" /> Video search is an unsolved problem. <a href="">VideoSurf</a> applies hardcore compute