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OpenSea UX teardown: 3 key takeaways

NFT marketplace OpenSea hit a $1.5 billion valuation this year, raising from Andreessen Horowitz, Kevin Durant and Ashton Kutcher. But is the experience of creating and selling an NFT on OpenSea any g

Addapptation snares $1.3M seed to build a better UX for Salesforce

Addapptation, a startup that wants to build a practical design layer on top of Salesforce and other enterprise tools, announced a $1.3 million seed investment today. 2048 Ventures led the round with p

‘The Operators’: Understanding your user – The art and science of UI/UX behind Facebook, Google, Mint, and Edmodo

The Operators highlights the experts building the products and companies that drive the tech industry. Speaking from experience at companies like AirBnB, Brex, Docsend, Edmodo, Facebook, Google...

Adobe’s XD prototyping and wireframing tool is now out of beta

XD is Adobe's tool for helping user experience and user interface designers prototype and wireframe new mobile and web applications. The company started testing this application back in 2016; today, i

Designing for voice differs from traditional UX

Whether designing a software or hardware product, you focus on a few key principles: What you’re creating should be easy to use, elegant and intuitive. How does this differ, then, when you’re desi

What UX designers can learn from 1990s Japanese video games

I’m writing this from a slightly saddened perspective, revisiting my favorite SNES RPGs and realizing something: I’ve been spoiled by modern UX design. The sentiment is pretty universal.

Adobe launches Experience Design CC, a new tool for UX designers

Adobe today launched the first public preview of its new Experience Design CC tool, which was previously known as Project Comet. Experience Design CC is the company’s first tool that is purpose-

Astonishment, Expectations And Reality In User Experience

After my recent article about empty states, I was lucky enough to get an interview request from Holly Jade, a user experience (UX) designer with serious credentials including TEDx, Apple and Google. D

The Most Overlooked Aspect Of UX Design Could Be The Most Important

I'm not much of a designer. In fact, I'm awful at it. I am, however, interested in how it's done. I read and write plenty about customer success; along the way, (somehow) I found Samuel Hulick's site

Inside Jobs: How True & Co.’s Head Of UX Blends Psychology With Technology

The technology industry today has job titles that you don't really find anywhere else. User experience, or "UX", is one of them. It seems like every tech company is hiring in "UX design" and "UX resea