• ShakeAlert provides earthquake early warning system

    ShakeAlert provides earthquake early warning system

    The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) and a series of university partners are developing an earthquake early warning system called ShakeAlert, which aims to provide the general public with alerts up to 10 seconds before an earthquake hits. The system is not yet public, but it is now undergoing testing in California, Oregon and Washington. “There is a similar test effort for an earthquake… Read More

  • San Francisco Earthquakes Get Their Own Geolocated Twitter Account

    Earthquakes and Twitter go way back. One of the first true signs of the service’s power was when an earthquake would happen somewhere in the world and people in those areas would jump on Twitter to talk about it in real time. So it makes sense that someone would set up an account simply to auto-tweet when quakes happen. David Shamma has created the @sfusgs account to automatically tweet… Read More

  • New Garmin GPS unit to support topo, aerial photo data

    It won’t be the first to the party, or even the second or third, but the trusted Garmin brand will soon have a unit that support that will include aerial maps and topographic data pre-loaded. You can also enhance its built-in stuff with SD cards with sweet cartographic centers. It’s waterproof, it’s got temp and altitude monitors, and it’s navigated by what they call… Read More