usb hubs

  • 16-port USB hub is a little more tasteful than those other ones

    When 10 hubs is just too few, and 24 is a few too many, and 80 is way too many… have I got the USB hub for you! They just added these things to stock at ThinkGeek, and unlike the other hubs we’ve seen recently, this one actually looks pretty nice. It’s got kind of an Apple vibe, but obviously still ran run with the PC big boys on sheer geekiness. Read More

  • Roccat's new USB hub looks like it wants to sting you

    Would you make a monitor that had a fake arm sticking out of it, brandishing a knife at the viewer? I would, too, but we would never sell any because people find that sort of thing scary. I don’t know why. But whatever the reason, it’s the same as why they’d be afraid of this Apuri USB hub from Roccat. It looks like a tripodal scorpion ready to thrust its barb into your… Read More

  • Review: Kensington 4-Port USB Charger

    Short Version: The Kensington 4-Port USB Charger is an ideal solution for people toting multiple USB-powered gadgets who want to charge more than one of those gadgets at a time without looking for open USB ports and wall sockets. Read More

  • It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s USB Man!

    Here’s USB Man, a little guy that takes the ordinary and mundane task of sharing a USB port and makes all that the aforementioned activity entails ever so slightly less ordinary and mundane. The best part is that “his heart lights up to let you know he’s powered on.” Looking good, USB Man. He costs $27.99 at Read More

  • Four-port USB hub with Newton’s Cradle action

      I can’t tell if this is cool or dumb of if you’d simply buy it and go “Why did I just do that?” At the very least, you’d get a four-port USB hub out of the deal. At the very most, you’d get a four-port USB hub that doubles as a Newton’s Cradle device — although, as OhGizmo! points out, the whole physics aspect of the Newton’s Cradle part… Read More