Four-port USB hub with Newton’s Cradle action


I can’t tell if this is cool or dumb of if you’d simply buy it and go “Why did I just do that?” At the very least, you’d get a four-port USB hub out of the deal. At the very most, you’d get a four-port USB hub that doubles as a Newton’s Cradle device — although, as OhGizmo! points out, the whole physics aspect of the Newton’s Cradle part of it probably goes right out the window once you start hooking cables up to it.

You can grab the Boynq (Ha! Get it?) from for $25 after shipping. It’s temporarily sold out, though, so you might have to just knock your own balls together until it comes back in stock.

And for those of you who, like me, didn’t know that those ball knocker things were called Newton’s Cradles, here’s a picture of a Newton’s Cradle. Impress your friends! Oh, and PS, Newton’s Cradle is also known as Newton’s Balls – so have fun with that.