usage based billing

The rise of product-led growth is creating opportunities for startups

More companies are adopting product-led growth (PLG) and usage-based pricing (UBP) than ever before. And a new wave of startups is helping them succeed at it.

How your company can adopt a usage-based business model like AWS

Of the 300+ services that Amazon Web Services (AWS) has released over the years, not a single one has needed to be rolled back from being priced incorrectly. That’s no accident.

As investors focus more on profitability, product-led startups may be sitting pretty

The consensus is that now is a good time for the type of lean growth that product-led growth (PLG) can achieve.

Inside the rapid rise of usage-based pricing

SaaS companies have been ditching traditional subscription pricing in favor of usage-based models that better align with modern buying behavior and the value delivered by their products.

Why more SaaS companies are shifting to usage-based pricing

Has usage-based pricing gone mainstream? Out of nearly 600 SaaS companies surveyed, 45% said they are using this flexible pricing model, up from 34% in 2020.

Why do SaaS companies with usage-based pricing grow faster?

Public SaaS companies that have adopted usage-based pricing are better at landing new customers, growing with them and retaining them. 

Subscription-based pricing is dead: Smart SaaS companies are shifting to usage-based models

Out of nine SaaS IPOs in recent years that had the best net dollar retention, seven employ usage-based models.

Aria Systems launches automotive recurring revenue platform

Aria Systems is bringing together the chocolate of usage- and subscription-based revenue opportunities with the peanut butter of increasingly connected automotive systems. The resulting candy (to comp

Bell Canada Wanted Usage-Based Billing. Too Bad It Couldn't Accurately Keep Track Of Usage!

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Report: Canada's Usage-Based Billing Scheme To Be Overturned

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Usage-Based Billing Hits Canada: Say Goodbye To Internet Innovation [Updated: UBB A No-Go?]

<img src="" />O, Canada, what have you done? The country’s Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission, the CRTC, has passed