• Surprise! Details Of New OQO Model 03 UMPC Released

    That’s odd, I could have sworn that a few months ago, we wrote that OQO was officially shutting down, and its new line of Windows-running mega-handhelds would be lost forever. Oh right, we did. Yet now we hear tell of a Model 03 (last we saw was the 2+) with a similar body but improved specs (4.8″ screen, Atom Z550, 128GB SSD) — for the low, low price of $4700. Woo! [via… Read More

  • Sony Japan teases "VAIO New Ultra Mobile"

    Remember Sony Japan’s unusual promotion campaign for an 8-inch netbook (or ultra-mobile PC, as the Japanese like to call these devices) from December 2008? The target group was amused with the campaign. And it appears the marketing coup helped Sony actually sell the Vaio P, as the company today updated its Japanese site with yet another teaser for yet another “mysterious”… Read More

  • XpPhone is a giant phone that runs XP or a small computer that makes phone calls

    The idea that this “phone” runs Windows XP is kind of a stretch, yet it’s being called the XpPhone. It’s pretty much a UMPC or MID, though, that happens to make phone calls because, man oh man, would you need some billowy Hammer Pants to carry this thing around in your pocket as your primary phone. Add to that the five hour battery life and a weight that I can only… Read More

  • Video: OS X 10.5.7 runs on Sony UMPC like buttah

    Not that OS X hasn’t been loaded onto various non-Apple ultraportable machines already, but if you’re looking for a pretty slick UMPC option, Mark Perrin over at Micro PC Talk has managed to load up the latest version of OS X onto the Sony VAIO UX390 UMPC. Read More

  • New Samsung Q1 UMPC, the Q1EX

    Remember UMPCs? They’re like netbooks but smaller, less keyboard-y and more expensive? Samsung helped pave the way for the UMPC movement with the Q1, released waaay back in the middle of 2006, a time when the phrase “netbook” was used to describe literature pertaining to braided strands of polyethylene that split a tennis court into two equal halves. It appears that Samsung… Read More

  • Intel to release 32nm Atom chip (‘Medfield’) in 2010

    By this time next year, the line between netbooks, UMPCs, handhelds, palmtops, netblets, MIDs, and whichever other portable internet doodads you can think of might get all the more blurry with Intel’s 32-nanometer “Medfield” Atom chip. The current “Diamondville” chip is 45 nanometers, which is already pretty small. The Medfield chip is thought to be aimed more at… Read More

  • ‘Hybrid Dual Portable Computer’ gets Atom-ized

    Back in March, you and I briefly chatted about the Hybrid Dual Portable Computer, or HDPC, from a company called MIU out of Korea. It appears that MIU has updated the once-chunky HDPC into a somewhat less-chunky version that now uses Intel’s Atom processor over its predecessor’s VIA C7M ULV chip. According to Jenn over at Pocketables, The “dual” part of the HDPC… Read More

  • ASUS R50a UMPC reviewed as good but expensive

    Spanish site Hispazone has taken a gander at the ASUS R50a UMPC (careful, that link is in Spanish! – here’s the translated version) and found it to be a good step up from the R2H but still not the greatest thing since bread, sliced. Read More

  • Guy has had it up to here with UMPCs, builds his own

    Fed up with the state of UMPCs? Remember UMPCs, even? Before netbooks, there were UMPCs – basically keyboard-less netbooks. Well one enterprising individual wanted a UMPC so badly that he cannibalized his Acer Aspire One netbook. The forum post is in Spanish but from the looks of it, the device is a dual-boot setup running a stripped-down version of Vista Ultimate and Ubuntu Netbook… Read More

  • Girth-y extended battery for HTC Shift

    HTC Shift owners (see our review here) who have a little extra coin and don’t mind adding some relatively substantial girth to their device may find solace in a $240 extended battery from Mugen. Paul from Modaco posted a video of the battery itself and how it looks when added to the Shift. The included battery cover is a nice touch. The Shift’s standard battery is 2700mAh and is… Read More

  • ‘Everun Note’ AMD Turion-based UMPC to cost $879

    Raon Digital’s “Everun Note” has gotten an MSRP of $879. That’s a pretty hefty price tag for a notebook with a 7-inch screen. But while this device may resemble a netbook on the outside, what’s on the inside puts it into the UMPC or subnotebook categories. As previously reported, the Everun Note will weigh just over a pound and a half, feature a 7-inch… Read More

  • Kohjinsha prepping 8.9-inch subnotebook

    Kohjinsha drops another tiny notebook/netbook/subnotebook/UMPC into the pool today with the W130 series. I’ve used the term subnotebook in the title of this post because this little guy runs Windows Vista. I like to save “netbook” for those machines that run Windows XP or a derivative of Linux. Here’s what you get with the W130: Atom processor running at 1.33GHz… Read More

  • ‘EVERUN NOTE’ is tiny, has a dual-core processor

    Hey look at this little fella. It’s Raon Digital’s EVERUN NOTE. Don’t let the “EVER” part of “EVERUN” fool you, as the battery life tops out at about 2.5 hours but still, I’d buy it if it were cheap enough. We should find out how cheap it is in early September, as AVING reports that it’ll be available in Korea and here in the states at… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Nokia N810 for $299.99

    It’s Friday, and that means payday for some people. Looking for something to buy? Howsabout this Nokia N810 Internet Tablet for just shy of $300 from CompUSA? The N810 has a slide-out QWERTY keyboard, Wi-Fi, GPS, VGA webcam, open source operating system, 4.3-inch 800×480 display, and more. Here’s a little hands-on we did with the device back in April. Nokia N810 NSeries… Read More

  • Review: MSI Wind

    For those of you looking for a reason NOT to buy the MSI Wind, I can’t really give you a good one. It’s a great little machine. Go ahead and buy one if you’ve been waiting. For everyone else, read on for the pros and cons of this aggressively-priced, yet impressively-performing netbook. Read More

  • First Look: MSI Wind [UPDATED]

    [ I’ve been using the MSI Wind and for a little while now and have checked out a handful of things that our readers have asked about. I’ll have a full review of the notebook itself coming up soon but in the meantime, I’ve tested the following: Skype video recording and playback, HD video playback (WMVHD and AVCHD), Photoshop, Google… Read More

  • New ‘Pepper Pad’ coming with Atom and Vista?

    The Pepper Pad 3, apparently not to be confused with the already-available Pepper Pad 3, has been spotted by AVING. This new version of the…um…board-like, lap-based, net surfing apparatus will feature Intel’s Atom processor and, according to AVING, “a 7-inch wide VGA touchscreen” and a Linux-based operating system. Read More

  • ‘Noahpad’ UMPC demo: Keyboard + trackpad combo

    Here’s what appears to be a UMPC with a keyboard that doubles as a gigantic multi-touch trackpad. The screen folds all the way over, putting the device into a quasi-tablet mode as well. It’s called the NoahPad, which might have something to do with the Noah from biblical times — you know, the guy with the ark. Just guessing, since the music in the video is “Oh Come, All… Read More

  • Digifriends modular MID coming to US ‘very soon’

    Jenn over at Pocketables has some news about a mobile Internet device called the “Digifriends MID” that’s set to show up here in the US “very soon,” according to a company spokesperson. While this device was originally shown way back at CES and might look like another dopey, no-keyboard MID, it’s got an interesting array of snap-on accessories; a QWERTY… Read More

  • Hands-on with MSI Wind, looks pretty stellar so far

    CNET’s UK office got a special hands-on with the forthcoming MSI Wind notebook and they like it so much that they said it “could take the throne from the Asus Eee PC as the best mini laptop on the planet.” The 10-inch screen is apparently better than the one on HP’s Mini-Note 2133, and the overall design aesthetic and keyboard on the Wind is better than the Eee but… Read More