ASUS R50a UMPC reviewed as good but expensive


Spanish site Hispazone has taken a gander at the ASUS R50a UMPC (careful, that link is in Spanish! – here’s the translated version) and found it to be a good step up from the R2H but still not the greatest thing since bread, sliced.

Battery life looks good at 3.5 hours with Wi-Fi and 3G humming, and the 5.6-inch screen is able to horizontally display most web pages at 1024×600 despite being crammed into something roughly the size of a PSP. Hispazone also calls Microsoft’s Origami 2.0 interface “truly spectacular.” Other features: Windows Vista, 1.3GHz Atom processor, 1GB RAM, and a 32GB solid state drive.

Negatives include no built-in keyboard (it comes with an external folding USB keyboard, though), no Ethernet port, and a really high price tag of 1300 Euro – that’s almost $1,800 US. Yee-ouch.

[via SlashGear]