• Ubercab, Now Just Uber, Shares Cease And Desist Orders

    UberCab — which was recently renamed “Uber” to avoid the appearance of marketing itself as a taxi business — has shared the full contents of the cease and desist orders it received this week from city authorities in San Francisco regulating transportation businesses there. Read More

  • UberCab Cease & Desist Means One Thing: They're Onto Something

    UberCab Cease & Desist Means One Thing: They're Onto Something

    Like most people in Silicon Valley, I’m very intrigued by this UberCab cease & desist situation. My first reaction was “uh oh”. But that quickly switched to a feeling that this is probably the best thing that could ever happen to the young startup. That may sound crazy. But it’s not. And what’s going on here should mean something to people far beyond the… Read More

  • UberCab Ordered to Cease And Desist

    UberCab Ordered to Cease And Desist

    Did Ubercab just crash and burn? Taxi and limo industry insiders in California today informed TechCrunch that the San Francisco Metro Transit Authority & the Public Utilities Commission of California have ordered the startup to cease and desist. UPDATE: Since the orders arrived on October 20th, Ubercab has remained in service under threat of penalties including up to $5,000 fee per… Read More

  • Hitching A Ride With UberCab, 5 Minutes With The CEO [TCTV]

    Less than four months old, UberCab’s mobile app for on-demand car service has become something of a breakout hit in San Francisco this summer. The startup has amassed a fleet of 45 SF drivers to cater to the whims of the early adopter urbanites and, so far, it’s delivered on its promise to provide swift service with the average wait time hovering between 7 to 8 minutes. To… Read More

  • What If UberCab Pulls An Airbnb? Taxi Business Could (Finally) Get Some Disruption

    If you live in San Francisco and you haven’t tried UberCab yet, do it. The service, which we first covered in July, eliminates everything bad about a taxi experience. In my order, that’s flagging one down, finding the cash to pay, and being in a sometimes disgusting car. UberCab contracts with black car services – mostly Towncars and Escalades. There’s a lot of… Read More

  • UberCab Takes The Hassle Out Of Booking A Car Service

    Finding a cab, especially during peak travel times or in less-traveled areas, can be an incredibly frustrating task. But car services are often much more expensive than the average cab ride. Enter UberCab, a new service that offers an on-demand car service via an iPhone app or SMS. After signing up for an UberCab account and downloading the free iPhone app, you can then set your location… Read More