• Echofon (Formerly TwitterFon) Unveils A Simple And Fast Native Mac Twitter Client

    Yesterday, when I wrote that Tweetie was the best iPhone Twitter client not everyone agreed. Fair enough, there are a few other really great ones including Birdfeed (which we’ve covered here) and Echofon (the app formerly known as TwitterFon). And the team behind Echofon has today rolled something that puts it ahead of Tweetie in at least one regard: A native Mac client that syncs with… Read More

  • Oddly, TwitterFon Changes Its Name to Echofon

    One of the first really great Twitter iPhone apps was TwitterFon, created by Naan Studio. The app saw success, as did its sister application, TwitterFox, a plug-in for Firefox. Both have been downloaded over a million times, and both apparently have over 200,000 daily active users. But today, both are changing their name, to Echofon. The reasoning behind the change is a little odd. Naan… Read More

  • The More Followers You Have, The More You Tweet. Or Is It The Other Way Around?

    Oh, the burdens of popularity. We already know that most people on Twitter are sheep with few followers and who don’t Tweet much. But what about the rams? If you want to lead a flock on Twitter, you need to be heard. People with 100 followers send out an average of 2.4 Tweets per day, while those with 1,800 followers Tweet an average of 10.2 a day, according to a new study by Sysomos… Read More

  • Twitterrific Comes Roaring Back Into The iPhone Twitter App Wars

    During the past several months, a war has been brewing between Twitter apps for the iPhone. But it’s been largely two-sided. You were either in the Twitterfon camp or the Tweetie camp. And if you were using any other app, it was only because you didn’t know any better. But with the release of Twitterrific 2.0 [iTunes link] for the iPhone, a new player has entered the… Read More