Twitter Ads

Elon Musk admits Twitter has too many ads, says fix is coming

Elon Musk continues to change things at a breakneck pace at Twitter, and on Saturday the still-CEO (I guess he hasn’t found anyone willing to take over yet?) seemed to address user complaints th

Twitter lets advertisers ‘take over’ the Explore tab

Twitter is ready to squeeze a lot more money out of its trending topics. After minimizing its mediocre Moments feature and burying it inside the renamed Explore tab, Twitter is now starting to test Pr

Twitter overcharged video advertisers, issues refunds

Now it’s Twitter copying Facebook… but in the worst way. Following several embarrassing disclosures of inaccurate metrics by Facebook, today Business Insider’s Alex Heath broke news

Twitter quietly launches tags to location feeds with Foursquare

Location feeds linked to from these tags could inspire people to tweet more while out and about, fuel Moments about particular places, and improve Twitter’s ad targeting data. Better location fu

Squeezing video blood from Twitter’s stone

After watching other social networks get rich off of video, Twitter’s tuning in. Brevity that inspires information density has always been what’s magical about Twitter. In 140 characters o

3 Nearly Free Growth Hacks

“Growth hacking” is a term that people seem to think means "magically market any product or company for free." I wrote a post called What is growth hacking? to clarify the difference between effic

Twitter Expands Its Ad Program To Twelve New Countries

Twitter has added twelve new countries to its advertising network, called Twitter Ads, with most markets in Central and Eastern Europe. The new countries include: Austria, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bu

Twitter Is About To Officially Launch Retargeted Ads [Update: Confirmed]

Twitter is ready to roll out retargeted ads fueled by browser cookies, sources confirm. Twitter could make the announcement as soon as tomorrow, expanding retargeted ads beyond the "experimental" phas

Twitter Plans To Use What You Follow And Tweet To Target MoPub Ads On Other Apps. Here’s How

Everything that happens on Twitter could become fuel for targeting off-site ads run through its recent ad network acquisition MoPub, according to the Financial Times' sources. In theory, users logged

Facebook Will Give Marketers Access To Conversation Data With Richer Identity Details Than Twitter

Facebook knows what you talk about, just like Twitter. But its edge is that it also knows who you are. Facebook's <a target="_blank" href="

Twitter’s One-Two Punch Now Lets All US Advertisers Target People Who Just Saw Their TV Commercials

Hit 'em with a television commercial, then with a Twitter ad to really drive the message home. That's the promise of Twitter's TV Ad Targeting it's rolling out to all US advertisers today after its be

Twitter Ads Are Finally Available To All US Businesses, No Longer Invite Only

After three years of slow roll outs and testing with specific partners, Twitter's Senior Director of Product for Revenue Kevin Weil just announced the general availability of its advertising options f