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Twelve South adds a collapsible, portable MacBook stand

This is the sort of thing I definitely would have been all over when I still traveled a bunch for work. Twelve South has long been the go-to for MacBook stands and the like, and today the company intr

11 Fantastic Gifts From Cool Hardware Startups

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If Apple Made An Apple Watch Stand, It Would Be The Forté

Accessory maker <a target="_blank" href="">Twelve South</a> announced the Forté <a href="

Twelve South Announces The Forté, A Fancy Apple Watch Stand For The Tasteful

Twelve South has been making Apple accessories for years. Of late, however, they’ve been hitting it out of the park with some impressive Apple Watch stands including the original HiRise and the

Twelve South’s HiRise Stand For MacBook Provides Height-Adjustable Notebook Elevation

If you have a notebook Mac and you use it both in an office and on the road, you probably know by now that having it at a comfortable viewing angle when in the office is key to the long-term health of

The Twelve South HiRise Looks Like A Mac Pro Mini, Is Actually An iMac Stand And Storage Locker

In the cut-throat world of desk organization, style often trumps functionality. In the case of <a target="_blank" href="">Twelve South's HiRise</a>, style m

Hands-On With Twelve South’s Stealthy BookBook iDevice Cases

The modern man is clearly embarrassed by tablet computers. It's a common trend to disguise the slate computing device as a book. I guess it affords owners an air of class and sophistication as it appe