The Twelve South HiRise Looks Like A Mac Pro Mini, Is Actually An iMac Stand And Storage Locker

In the cut-throat world of desk organization, style often trumps functionality. In the case of Twelve South’s HiRise, style meets functionality. See what I did there?

The HiRise is a little storage locker designed to sit under an iMac or Cinema Display. The front panel folds down, revealing an adjustable shelf and storage space large enough for even a Mac Mini. But that shelf — oh, Twelve South is so clever — allows the HiRise to display an iMac at the same height as a Cinema Display.

Clever or not, the HiRise is a bit pricey at $79.99. However, it fixes the common complaints about the iMac in that it sits too low and doesn’t naturally match the height of a Cinema Display. So rather than resorting to propping up an iMac with a phone book or reams of paper, iMac owners now have stylish and functional solution in the HiRise.

The HiRise is available now from It’s compatible with all Apple Displays and iMacs that use the L-shaped stand.