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56.6 million US consumers to go without pay TV this year, as cord cutting accelerates

Bad news for traditional pay TV: cord cutting is accelerating at a pace faster than previously estimated. According to a new industry report from eMarketer, there will be 22.2 million cord cutters age

WiO Takes On Shazam With Second Screen TV Ad Campaign & New iOS App

<a target="_blank" href="">WiOffer</a>, a new mobile app platform which aims to connect TV viewers directly with advertisers, is now available in the iOS App Store and wil

Watch Apple’s First iPhone 5 TV Ads: “Physics,” “Cheese,” “Thumb,” and “Ears”

Apple's making commercials again, but this time they're really really good. If you're not sold on picking up an iPhone 5 yet, these ads first spotted by Macstories will probably get you stoked.

Google+ Launches 3 New TV Ads Featuring Muppets, Bill Walton & Some Engaged Chick

What do you do when your <a href="">viral growth starts to taper off</a>? Advertise! That strategy has seemingly been working well f

DirecTV Signs Up For Google TV Ads

<img src="" /> Google is finally expanding its <a href="