Watch Apple’s First iPhone 5 TV Ads: “Physics,” “Cheese,” “Thumb,” and “Ears”

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Apple’s making commercials again, but this time they’re really really good. If you’re not sold on picking up an iPhone 5 yet, these ads spotted by Macstories will probably get you stoked.

Each ad has a theme and a one word name. The ads show off different capabilities of the iPhone 5, and I must say that they’re extremely compelling. Have a look:





My favorite one definitely has to be “Thumb,” as it shows off Apple’s genius marketing and ability to explain the complex in a simple way. Well done, Apple.

Also, I’m not surprised that “Maps” wasn’t released as an ad.

UPDATE: Does the voice sound familiar? Apparently it’s Jeff Daniels from The Newsroom.

[Photo credit: Flickr]