• Watch a tiny turtle get a 3D-printed mask

    Watch a tiny turtle get a 3D-printed mask

    Today is your lucky day because, in my mind, it’s Terrapin Friday! In today’s episode we present Patches, a black-breasted leaf turtle who lives at the Knoxville Zoo. This 30-year-old turtle was living high on the hog for a number of years until she developed a hole near her nostril, probably caused during mating (“Male turtles are very rambunctious when they are trying to woo… Read More

  • Meet Kame Robotto, the world's first turtle robot (video)

    We’ve covered a number of weird robots on CrunchGear in the past, but this one’s a first. Meet Kame Robotto, which is probably the world’s first turtle robot (kame means robot in Japanese). Made by Tokyo-based robot venture Kondo [JP], the robot is actually sold as the first of a series of “animal robots” that Kondo plans to roll out in the next few months. Read More