London Underground To Get Wi-Fi To Prep For 2012 Olympics

<img src="" />The London Underground, commonly known as the Tube, will be getting Wi-Fi. There will be a six-month trial period begi

Online adult entertainment not as recession proof as previously thought

<img src="" alt="porn.jpg" title="porn.jpg" />The adult entertainment industry, once thought to be nearly completely recession-proof, is st

The Nokia Tube is alluring, not iPhone killer

Last100 got their hands on a Nokia 5800 aka the Tube aka the one with the touchscreen and found it intuitive and responsive with plenty of media features. They were most excited about the new touch-en

Nokia Tube: Quite svelte

The new 5800 doesn’t look much like a tube but it is quite svelte. It’s smaller than the iPhone and even most touchscreen phones we’ve seen in a while. It’s most like the Palm

Nokia’s Tube touchphone in time for Xmas?

Reg Hardware reported a Nokia touch-based handset could hit shelves in time for holiday shopping. Devinder Kishore, Nokia India’s marketing director, confirmed that the company has been working

Images of Nokia Tube keep on comin'

I’m not really sure what to make of these images. They’re clearly showcasing the Tube‘s Web browser, but images clearly don’t do anything to get us excited about this device. H

Nokia 5800 Tube caught in the wild, looks like the device in The Dark Knight

Don’t think I believed you for even a tenth of a second, Nokia. Digi.QQ has some hot photos, a few need a smidge less flash, of the XpressMusic 5800 aka Tube. The S60 OS-based device is purporte

Tube-like device in The Dark Knight is not real, says Nokia

In the summer blockbuster, The Dark Knight, a Nokia device is prominently featured. We worked closely with the producers of The Dark Knight to develop an appropriate device that would suit the technol

First good image of Nokia's Tube show up on the Nets

Here we have it, Nokianauts, the first official image of the Nokia Tube. Is that a forward facing camera I see? I hope so! The Tube, or 5800, is Nokia’s touch-sensitive answer to the iPhone. We&

More details on Nokia's 'Tube' device

Like an old man at a urinal, details have slowly been trickling out about Nokia’s upcoming iPhone killer puncher. A post over on quotes an anonymous “journalist” as

Nokia "Tube" meant to compete with you know what

I’m just as sick of writing about this thing as you are of reading about it, but Nokia doesn’t seem to get that. While they’ve been working hard on the “Tube” (we first heard about it in Aug